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Interactive Frame for a variety of plasma and LCD screens

Interactive Frame for a variety of plasma and LCD screens

  • Control any computer program with your finger, write and annotate
  • Converts a range of LCD or plasma screens into a SMART Interactive device
  • Available for a range of displays from 37″ up to 65″
  • DViT Technology supports multi-touch

Make meetings more productive
The SMART Board SMART Display frame interactive whiteboard system will transform your meetings into highly visual and interactive experiences. Like all SMART Board interactive whiteboards, the SMART Display frame has a large, touch-enabled surface that allows you to write in digital ink with your finger or a pen, interact with applications and save notes to distribute to others.

Easily connect multimedia
With the extended control panel, you can connect audiovisual devices to the SMART Display frame, such as laptops, DVD players or digital cameras. The system’s integrated projector offers high levels of brightness and contrast, and Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor technology ensures your videos, data and digital images appear clear, crisp and in true colour.

Price is when bought as part of a complete installation

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