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LifeSize Multipoint series bridges connect multiple sites in resolutions up to 1080p30 video and up to HD audio. All bridges are packaged with LifeSize® Gatekeeper™ and LifeSize® Multipoint more

LifeSize Bridge 2200 connects multiple sites in resolutions up to 1080p30 video and up to HD audio. All bridges are packaged with LifeSize® Gatekeeper™ and LifeSize® Multipoint Extension

  • Up to 16 simultaneous HD 1080p30 conferences per bridge
  • Unique layout per participant offers more choice for users
  • Scalable architecture built for both dispersed and
    centralized environments

Feature-rich, Full HD Video is HereExtending the capabilities of the award-winning LifeSize® Multipoint ™ system,
LifeSize® Multipoint™ is an enhanced Full HD video communications system that is both affordable and scalable. Ideal for small working groups, teams or individual knowledge workers who want to take communication over distance to the next level, LifeSize Multipoint has it all.

With LifeSize Multipoint, you not only get Full HD video quality- 1080p30/720p60 – for natural, realistic interactions at the lowest possible bandwidth, but also crisp, crystal clear data-sharing and an all new digital I/O with Full HD support. Support for dual high definition displays, Full HD camera, and phone or microphone options, LifeSize Multipoint offers the ultimate flexibility.

LifeSize Multipoint brings people together by allowing them to interact successfully
across distances. Seeing facial expressions, body language and gestures makes you feel truly connected and understood. And just like all of the products in the LifeSize Multipoint, LifeSize Multipoint features:

  • Highest available resolution on the market – 1080p30
  • Unprecedented bandwidth/performance
  • Adaptive Motion Control with Forward Error Correction
  • Streaming and Recording of point-to-point callsHigh definition quality.

Simplicity. Meaningful team connections. LifeSize Multipoint is clearly how video communications is meant to be.


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