Revolabs Executive HD 4 or 8 Channel Wireless Microphone System

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Executive HD 4-Channel System shown with Charger Base and Directional, Omni, Countryman Adapter and Wearable HD Wireless Microphones

Breakthrough in Audio Performance of Wireless Microphones!

Executive HD 4-Channel System shown with Charger Base and Directional, Omni, Countryman Adapter and Wearable HD Wireless Microphones


Great Sound Quality for Most Applications!

  • Full 50Hz-20kHz Frequency Response
  • Remote Management Software for Monitoring and Controlling Networked Systems
  • Impervious to GSM Noise from cell phones, etc.
  • RF-Armor™ Technology to avoid unwanted audio interference
  • Mix and Match HD Wireless Microphones: Wearable, Tabletop (Omni and Directional), XLR Adapter for Handheld Mic and Countryman Adapter for Earset Mic
  • Choose the Number of Microphones: Up to 32 in Americas, Up to 40 Internationally


Executive HD 4- and 8-Channel Systems

  • Ability to Connect up to 4 or 5 Systems (Americas/Internationally)
  • LCD Display on Front of Unit
  • Line or Mic Level Settings

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