U-Touch 80″ True Multi-touch TouchLED display

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This new extra large format TouchDisplay offers a whole host of big features that will provide huge benefits to a wide range of users.

– U-Touch high performing True Multi-touch touch technology with options of  6 and 20 simultaneously touch points

– U-Touch Multi-Media bezel frame (optional) providing integrated Webcam, USB hub and iPod/iPhone docking station for easy connectivity

– High quality 1080p True High Definition display powered by latest LED backlit LCD technology from Sharp

– Huge energy saving achieved, with LED technology on average using half the power of an equivalent size CCFL LCD

– Smart and robust build quality with anti-reflective safety glass fitted as standard

– U-Touch’s unique smooth low friction touch surface enhancing the user experience

– High degree of touch accuracy for which U-Touch is renowned, with minimum pre-touch and parallax occurring

– Ideal choice for Boardroom, Education, Retail, Presentation and Training applications.

– 3 year warranty as standard.

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