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4 Ways to use iPads in the classroom

iPads are becoming THE gadget to have and they’re an increasingly common site in the classroom. The portability and high quality of the tablet, plus the ever increasing number of applications available for every stage of education from pre-school to post-grad, mean iPads are now an essential piece of teaching equipment.  But have you considered using your iPad in conjunction with your SMART board or computer? There are many different ways to use iPads in the classroom by connecting them with other devices. This quick guide outlines four methods so you can find the best application for your usage.

Apple TV
Apple TV is a small box-like device that you connect to your TV, interactive white board or SMART Board using an HDMI cable. Once hooked up, the device lets you connect your iPad to the other device wirelessly. Everything you display or do on your iPad is shown on the connected device, so you can share presentations, view videos and browse websites on your iPad and let the class see what you’re doing on the larger screen. (You can also connect your iPad to another device directly using an HDMI cable and adaptor, but that limits your movement to as far as the lead will stretch… the wireless option, using Apple TV, is a far more practical solution.)

The DisplayNote application enables you to create a wireless network between several iPads, smartphones and computers. The base software needs to be installed on your computer and then students can download a free app to their own device to allow them to connect to the network. Any content displayed on your computer is streamed to every other device on the network, allowing students to view your slides and make their own notes over the top. This gives every student their own personalised set of class notes. Other features include a private messenger system and the ability for students to take control of the presentation or see other students’ screens.

Extreme Collaboration
Extreme Collaboration is a free app from SMART that lets students collaborate on a SMART Board from their smartphone or iPad. Once installed on the SMART Board, you open up the application and generate a QR code which students scan via their devices to gain access. They can then send text messages to the SMART Board, and their messages are as notes on the Board. It’s a great way to encourage more classroom contribution, especially from students who may be shy when participating in discussions.

Aerodrom is an application that enables you to link an iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac to a Windows computer. Once set up, you can stream video, images and audio from the Apple device to the PC, removing the need for having to transfer files.

For more information about different ways to use iPads in the classroom give us a call today on 0118 336 0010. We would love to talk to you about the latest developments and find the best solutions for you and your students. 

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