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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Collaboration

Many businesses are realizing the game-changing benefits and shocking affordability of cloud-based services. Now that video collaboration exists in the cloud, businesses can have rich communication experiences that were once only reserved for organizations with larger budgets or sufficient IT  resources. Below are the top 5 ways that cloud video collaboration can benefit businesses of any size.

1. Reduces IT Costs and Workload

Many businesses have never truly considered on-premise video conferencing solutions due to cost and complexity. The upfront infrastructure of firewall traversal, bridges and endpoints is prohibitive, and doesn’t even scratch the surface of continuous maintenance, management and hardware 
upgrades over time.

Cloud video collaboration is a different story. Since everything you need to conduct  HD video collaboration is hosted securely off-premise, incorporating it into your environment is as easy as ensuring that web-cams are available. Even better, cloud-based VC services scale with your business size. With a pay-per-user model, you can always be sure you aren’t paying for something you don’t use, but will never be left without a system that can handle your growing needs.

2. Connects Remote Users

Many on-premise video conferencing solutions do a great job at connecting users within an organization but miss the mark when it comes to interacting with outsiders. You can ship a vendor or client an endpoint to configure for a pre-arranged meeting, but there is no solution for urgent, impromptu video calls.

With cloud-based video collaboration services, HD video communication is nearly instantaneous, connecting you with anyone, anywhere in a matter of minutes. No configuration or back-end set-up—just an invitation to a simple immersive experience.

3. Reduces Travel

Sometimes, personal interactions are crucial when making critical decisions. But travel comes with overwhelming airfare and lodging costs, not to mention the waste of travel time.

While sales teams often live on the road, no one drives revenue on asphalt. With free guest-invitations, sales teams can meet face-to-face with perspective clients, including data sharing and chat. Cloud-based video collaboration also enables remote workers connectivity to headquarters from anywhere. Less back-and-forth trips result in more business in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

4. Works in Existing Environments

You may have Mac and PC users. You may even have a few video conferencing endpoints. They will all work with cloud-based VC solutions – no additional infrastructure investment necessary. Even if HD video is important to you, HD webcams are all you will need for your participants.

Cloud-based video collaboration incorporates Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). You get all the features of a traditional video conferencing system (data sharing, HD video calls, multi-way) and more (real-time chat, built in firewall traversal, online admin-console) without any upfront capital investment. Even more exciting, cloud-based solutions will soon be endpoint agnostic, incorporating smart phones and tablets into your video communication network. 

5. Flexible, Scalable and Robust

Many users find multi-way calls to be the most valuable use of video conferencing systems. With cloud-based infrastructure, they are only a few clicks away. Any user (even the inexperienced) can conduct engaging multi-way calls, including real-time chat and data-sharing, without additional back-end hardware.

You may have 3 users today and 3,000 tomorrow. The only thing that will change with cloud-based video communication is your monthly subscription fee. Rather than trying to figure out a scalable investment for your future, you can sign up today at the level you need for a business that may and will change over time.

Cloud-based video collaboration is a simple solution that is practical enough for anyone. Whether you are an attorney that needs to conduct remote depositions or a creative agency that has to present to an overseas client—cloud-based VC makes these spontaneous interactions possible. That’s universal video collaboration.

Thanks to LifeSize for the article.

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