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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

5 Habits Of The Business Built To Last

Sustainable business

Sustainable business is the only way to stay in this game for the long run. There are a bunch of words you can associate with a sustainable enterprise. A flexible business quickly adapts to changing environments. An efficient business gets the maximum result from its resources.

You can’t just be sustainable though. You have to do sustainable. In every aspect of your business you have to practice the art of sustainability. And it does take some practice – perhaps even a change of mentality. But you and your guys will soon pick it up and enjoy the benefits.

Here are five habits of a sustainable business built to last:

Better connected

Businesses go further when they’re better connected. A simple Wi-Fi connection turns your contact list into a global resource – so make the most of it. Your business has a worldwide audience full of potential clients, investors and partners. You just need to target them with a network system that makes an impact.

Networking is an internal affair as well though. You can use technology like video conferencing to impress new clients and win contracts. But the same tools create a more effective business from within. No matter how many branches or offices your business has, they can all communicate, connect and collaborate with video and data conferencing.


Which leads us nicely onto collaboration. Combined strengths get a lot more done and there’s a lot to gain from teaming up talent. Tech giants like Google and Apple pioneer collaborative working to achieve incredible results. And teamwork isn’t confined to the same room either. Data conferencing connects your staff to group projects no matter where they are. So your global contacts can make incredible things happen too.

Flexible working

Collaboration gets incredible when you make it flexible. Get your business connected and you can expand your team to talent around the world. Remote working is made easy and effective thanks video and data conferencing. You can take it further too with streaming ad recording to create a database of information for your teams, wherever they are.

Your staff at home can be more effective too. With collaborative technology you’re not limited to the office or working hours. You and your staff can connect from any device to get things done as a group or individually. Great ideas can make a difference anytime, anywhere.

Remote management

Remote working isn’t just for staff. When you have multiple branches or sites, things can get difficult from a management point of view – especially if locations are spread out. You only need so many senior managers, but you can only travel so far in a day.

Except you don’t need to travel. No matter how far your company spreads you can be everywhere at once with video conferencing. These high-quality video let you get your message across in perfect clarity – as if you were in the room yourself.

Smart use of technology

Which brings us to the final habit of businesses built to last. Businesses with staying power are making smart use of the technology available to make the world smaller and more accessible. There’s no such thing as a local business if you turn technology into opportunity.

Businesses around the world are using technology to get better connected, collaborate more effectively and make the most of remote working and management. Above all, they’re making smart use of the latest technology to becomes more effective, sustainable and keep that edge on the competition.

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