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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

5 Reasons Businesses Choose VaaS-t Videoconferencing

video conferencingVaaS-t is the latest in videoconferencing software and offers many benefits to companies of all sizes. The collaborative software is cost-effective, increases productivity

1 – Big Savings

VaaS-t videoconferencing saves time and money. National and global businesses can cut down on expensive and time consuming travel plans by connecting through video conferencing facilities – and with Vaas-t software collaboration is made easy.

2 – Versatility

One of the key features of VaaS-t videoconferencing is the versatility it brings to your boardroom. You can connect with remote workers, other offices, new clients or potential investors – all from the same location.

Meetings, staff training and even job interviews can all take place from the same desk and you can effectively communicate with global partners. VaaS-t gives you face-to-face connectivity with staff, clients and anyone else your business needs to network with.

3 – Industry leading technology

VaaS-t also compliments flexibility with industry leading quality. If you’ve used video conference technology before you’ll know it often suffers from poor latency, leading to delays and those awkward pauses.

Even if you’re meeting your trusted colleagues, these latency delays can leave you verbally tripping each other up, interrupting the flow of your conference. Worse still if you’re meeting with someone you need to impress, you don’t want to butt in every time they have something to say.

With VaaS-t you can rely on HD videoconferencing with “crystal clear” audio. While, thanks to the unique architecture of VaaS-t’s Vidyo platform, you can count on a low-latency connection, free from the time delays you might associate with other video conference technology.

4 – More than just video

Building upon the versatility of VaaS-t, you’re not limited to video screens. You can integrate a range of SMART technology into your video conferences, including interactive whiteboards, applications and cloud data solutions that bring a new kind of interactivity to your boardroom table.

By combining VaaS-t and SMART technology you can invite remote workers, clients and investors to actively contribute to the meeting. With the latest videoconference hardware and software your meetings and presentations make bigger impressions on the people your business wants to bring on board. But it’s not just about impressive gadgets. VaaS-t and SMART technologies arm you with the latest range of videoconference tools to give your meetings and presentations greater impact and lasting effect.

Break the key points of your meeting into smaller chunks and engage your audience. Communicate your ideas and get them involved with a variety of SMART interactive technologies. Your videoconferences will pack an informative punch, be easier to digest and harder to forget. Whether you’re training staff, winning that next big contract or proving your business is the one to invest in, VaaS-t and SMART technologies equip you with the latest presentation powertools.

5 – Expand your business

Companies choose VaaS-t videoconferencing because it frees up vital resources you can use to develop your company in other areas. While the enhancements VaaS-t versatility brings to your boardroom makes your meetings and presentations more effective for better results. And you can rely on VaaS-t to deliver the leading standard in videoconference technology and all its benefits to your business.

All these points add up to make a big difference. The traditional meeting room isn’t designed for the modern business world. VaaS-t provides solutions to the constraints of a global market. Not only that, but it turns them into strengths. Which is why your business can improve with VaaS-t videoconferencing as well.

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