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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

5 Reasons To Ditch Business Travel For Smart Technology

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The days of business travel are basically numbered. Sure, there are times when you feel the need make an appearance. But there’s probably no need at all. Corporate giants and investors team up and expand across the globe – many of which never meet in person.

It works for them, so it can work for you too. Business travel is past its prime. The corporate landscape is different now. Which calls for a more practical and cost-effective alternative to needless travel.

Here are five reasons to ditch business travel for smart technology:

Smart tech saves you money

Everyone’s favourite reason to invest. The biggest problem with business travel is the cost involved. And the bigger you get, the more it costs. The further your business goes, the further you have to travel – and the more people you need to move.

Not long ago this wasn’t a problem for some businesses. Then we got sucker punched by a global recession. And now even the big spenders appreciate the price of excessive spending. The fact is business travel falls under the unnecessary expense bracket. Modern videoconferencing and other smart technologies are advanced and affordable enough that business travel is a waste of good money.

If time is money, smart tech saves you twice

It’s not just money you save by cutting out the business trips. Travel takes time, it takes organisation and has a nasty habit of going wrong. Flight delays, labour strikes and the odd volcanic ash cloud are real time wasters. But they don’t need to be.

Smart technology gets everyone to the meeting in an instant. No long journeys, no delays. Just pick a time and get started.

Go further, quicker

All that time and money you save can go back into the business. But smart tech isn’t just a cheap alternative to travel. It gives your business a worldwide presence. Which means you can liaise with business minds, new clients and potential investors from all around the world.

There’s nothing to stop you pitching your corporate plans to investors the other side of the world. Or taking on talent from another time zone. You can even set up an international branch and manage it at the push of the button. However far you want to take your business, smart tech is your return ticket around the world.

Join the flexible, digital workplace

Smart tech frees your business from the burden of travel – but it goes so much further. Smart technology combines a range of interactive systems to make your business better connected and more effective. Collaboration tools like video and data conferencing create a digital workplace, where you and your team can connect and make things happen from anywhere.

The digital workplace opens its doors to remote working, flexible hours and work from any location. It’s not just flexible, it’s powerful too. Your digital office is everywhere you need it to be and fully collaborative. So your staff can team up no matter where they are.

Get with the times

It’s hard to let go of business travel. That voice in the back of your head screams “face-to-face is best”. And it’s not wrong. But face-to-face doesn’t mean in-person anymore. You can only travel to so many places in one day.

You can be everywhere at once, face-to-face, though. You can collaborate on group projects from different continents. And you can take your business meetings from Buenos Aires to Tokyo in an instant. Smart technology replaces business travel with a faster, more effective alternative.

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