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5 Reasons To Update Your Old Projectors And SMART Boards For New Interactive Tools

BenQ interactive LCD

As more schools use interactive devices to enhance learning, the standard of classroom technology quickly advances. Fresh products come with new and improved features – allowing teachers and pupils to get more from their interactive classroom.

SMART technology has come a long way since the first interactive whiteboards. And if you’re using some of the early SMART devices, you might be considering an upgrade. The latest SMART Boards are packed with better features and up-to-date software. Here are five reasons to update your SMART tech.

Less shadows, more control

SMART Boards now come ready to integrate with wall mounted projectors. These short throw projectors fix seamlessly to the top of your interactive whiteboard to create a single unit. The key benefit to short throw projectors is shadow reduction. Because the projector sits just above the display you get less shadow and less distraction.

The board and projector combo gives you integrated control over your system too. Power, input and volume controls are on the pen tray. Which allow you to switch between two computer displays with VGA, USB and audio controls.

Get more pupils involved

SMART Technologies has engineered a new multitouch experience into its latest range of boards. Up to four pupils can step up to the SMART Board. Simultaneous writing, mouse functions editing and content interaction mean more students can get involved in your lesson plans.

With freestyle interaction, students can collaborate without restrictions or mode switching. Your exercises can now have two pupils writing answers while the other two move objects simultaneously. Multitouch and freestyle interaction helps make the classroom a more varied and collaborative experience.

HD widescreen displays

Now you can get up to 20% more workspace with the latest SMART Boards. Which you need when you have four kids up at a time. The 855i range measures up at 87” at 16:10 ratio aspect, while the 885xi integrates with an ultra-short throw projector for better reach and even less shadow.

Picture quality is a major improvement in new SMART Boards. Today’s pupils are part of the HD generation and their eyes don’t tolerate pixels or blur. SMART Boards and projectors now feature HD models for crystal clear displays with better viewing angles and distances.

Work with Windows 7 & 8

You need your interactive devices to work with Windows. The latest SMART products fully support Windows 7 and 8 so you can keep using your interactive tech for longer. You and your pupils can display or interact with content on the latest Windows operating systems.

The projector-free option

For the next step in interactive displays you might want to take a look at interactive LED panels by SMART. Free from projectors, you don’t have to worry about changing bulbs anymore. And you can forget about projector shadows entirely.

Instead you get the stunning visuals of high definition and all the touch features you expect from SMART Technologies. While the LED panel reduces glare to almost zero, meaning everyone in class gets a clear view.

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