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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

5 Steps To Grow Your Business And Climb The Corporate Ladder

video conferencingEvery year technology helps businesses get more effective at what they do best – but it also levels the playing field and creates an increasingly competitive marketplace. Smaller businesses find it tough to keep up with the more productive and cost-effective larger companies that dominate each industry.

The future of small businesses is under question, which means your best survival technique is to think bigger and climb up the corporate ladder. Just like the top dogs in your industry you can use technology to get more productive, grow your business and compete at a higher level.

Expand your contacts

It all starts with contacts and there’s a whole world of them out there, waiting for you to connect with them. Whatever industry you are in there is a community of experts, rivals, potential clients and partners just a few clicks away who can help you take that next business step.

Cut out the business travel

Expanding your contacts doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive and the first step to making your company more productive is to cut out the business travel. Use video conferencing to meet your new contacts face to face, hold business meetings and connect your branches without the need for travel. This way you can take your business wherever you need to go, without the time or expense of traveling across counties or borders.


Businesses built to grow use all the collaborative tricks they can to boost productivity and empower their staff to do more. Start by implementing a collaborative strategy within your company and focus on creating a more productive and flexible environment, where your team can get things done quicker, more effectively and to a better standard.

Then expand this model and start collaborating with other branches as your business grows. Finally, take your collaborative expertise further afield and team up with overseas companies to make magic happen.

Flex your muscles

Free yourself from the traditional working structure and flex your business muscle – you’ll be amazed what you can achieve with interactive technology and a more flexible approach to work. Now you have a global contact list, don’t limit yourself to local staff, time zones or traditional working hours. Remote staff can help you take your collaborative workplace anywhere you need it to and with the right technology in place you are just a conference call away from a talented team or industry expert.

And finally… expand

With a more productive business in place and a global resource of contacts and workers, there is no reason you can’t set your sights on the leaders in your industry. If you can’t beat them, try joining them instead – you might find they would rather welcome you to the family than compete against you. That said, if you think you have a shot against the big boys in your field, why not give it a shot and remind them we all start out small.

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