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James Henrey, CEO

7 Collaboration Practices To Get The Edge On Your Rivals

collaboration strategyResearch shows that businesses who strictly follow collaboration best practices get the best performance from their collaborative technology and workforce. To maximise the benefits from your strategy, there are a number of industry guidelines to help you make the right investment.

A study by SMART Technology analyses the business performance of organisations with a collaborative strategy, compared to industry best practices. Which gives you valuable information on how other companies succeed and fail in their collaborative strategy.

The study highlights the seven most valuable practices which most businesses fail to take advantage of – and this is what we’re looking at today. Perform well in these seven areas and you can jump ahead of the competition with a more effective collaboration strategy.

#1: Usable results

To get the most from your group sessions, your team needs to be able to capture and share results in a format that can be referred to, used and edited at a later date. Ideally, this needs to happen automatically so that everyone leaves with the same data, without the need to manually save and share.

#2: Dispersed collaboration

There are different types of collaboration and your business needs a diverse strategy to meet its needs in a range of environments. Dispersed collaboration uses technology to connect you to remote workers and create a more flexible business.

#3: Informal environments

Your in-house staff needs suitable space to get their heads together and the best environment for generating new ideas is informal collaboration. This highly interactive workspace uses technology to encourage creative thinking and teamwork in a more comfortable setting.

#4: Structured collaboration

Further down the collaborative process, you need an environment where your team can solve problem and attack specific issues. This takes a more structured environment, where collaboration is geared towards finding solutions and hitting targets.

#5: Easy set-up

To keep your business moving quickly, it’s essential your collaborative technology is easy to set up and use. With a range of collaboration environments, your business will interact with new staff, remote workers and important guests or clients. It’s important your technology is simple to use, for all walks of life so your business can run effectively and make the right impression.

#6: Formal environments

There are times when difficult decisions need to be made or you have to welcome an important audience to your meeting or presentation. This is where your business needs a formal collaboration space, with less focus on interaction and more investment in technology for high-quality communication and presentations.

#7: Collaboration strategy

Amazingly, one of the key seven areas where businesses fail in their collaboration efforts is creating a genuine strategy. If you want to make a success of collaboration, your first step is to devise a specific strategy to set your goals, choose the right technology to achieve them and draft a process for correct usage – with industry best practices as a guide.

You also need means of collecting data to measure the success of you collaboration system and make any improvements down the line. And finally, you want an effective training programme to bring current and new staff up to speed on your collaboration strategy and the importance of best practices.

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