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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

A Practical Demonstration of SMART Boards With Darren Shirlaw


SMART boards are making an impact in classrooms and business environments all over the world. One of these environments is the conference hall, where public speakers and thought leaders present their expertise to specialist audiences.

Today we’re going to look at how one enterprise uses SMART boards to enrich their presentations and how your own business can benefit from SMART technology.

At the Shirlaws Annual Conference 2013 Darren Shirlaw pitched his presentation to 200 people at the Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire. You can watch a clip of the presentation in the video below where you’ll see Darren using the SMART Board 8070i connected to four large displays around the conference room.

With the SMART Board Darren is able to digitally create and project a visual reference to the key points in his presentation. Teaming audio with visuals is an essential presentation technique, but what’s important here is Darren starts by involving his audience from the very beginning.

Using the SMART Board he can create a simple diagram based on audience contribution. From the go his audience is engaged in his presentation with an invite for everyone to get involved, contribute and take notes via the SMART Board and projection displays.

SMART technology for your business

What this clip doesn’t show you if the full range of features SMART Boards bring to your presentations and business meetings. The same principle applies: make an impact and engage your audience. And there’s a host of SMART Board feature to help you make this happen.


SMART Boards are the modern whiteboard equivalent, except without board rubbers or limited space. You can save screenshots on the go and return to them at any point. This gives you an entire display to work with, which you can fill it as you see fit and make use of whitespace for more effective presentation. And you’ll never run out of space or need to rub anything out – making for a seamless demonstration that never stutters or loses pace.

Collaborate and share

The ability to save your screenshot means you can also share your presentation material. SMART Boards make sharing post-presentation content easier than ever, but the real perk here is the contributions your audience or colleagues make can be saved and shared as well. Collaborative meetings can become an ongoing process with content you can edit and save time and time again.

More than just a whiteboard

SMART Boards go way beyond the digital whiteboard. With a range of multimedia options at your disposal, you can bring documents, video and a host of other media formats to better engage your audience. Take things online and you can display and browse Web pages live. This is especially useful when you encourage audience participation, giving you access to online resources to for any contributions they make.

The human touch

One of the key SMART Board features is its intuitive touch technology. What could get your audience more involved than stepping up to the SMART board and giving your presentation their own personal touch? Touchscreens have become the favourite display choice as they fully immerse the user in an engaging experience. SMART Boards have been ahead of the game in using touch technology to incorporate a user experience into business and educational environments. The result is a more effective presentation that makes for added impact and better results.

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