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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Advanced Meeting Technology For The 21st Century Business

Barco ClickshareSMART technology has blurred the lines of business meetings. Greeting international clients no longer means a trip to the airport or long-haul flights half way round the world.

Whilst interactive devices help your staff get more done wherever they are, in-house meetings can be more productive too, thanks to a range of collaborative devices and software options. Let’s take a look what’s on offer!

Video conferencing

Video conferencing frees businesses from the burden of long distance meetings. Expensive and time consuming, business travel is replaced with a diverse conference system which allows you to make video calls to any PC, Mac, Android or iOS device.

Time and location don’t need to be a factor. Video conferencing brings the attendees to you – without flight delays, schedule conflicts or late arrivals. And you’re not confined to one place either. Your virtual meeting room means you can be in as many places as you need to be, with a simple video call.

Data conferencing

When face to face isn’t enough, data conferencing brings collaboration to your virtual meetings. Data calls mean you can connect device to device. Share data, edit documents and work together via cloud hosted conferencing.

Back and forth email doesn’t get things done quickly. While simple file sharing still doesn’t break the stop-start progress of editing and sharing documents. Data conferencing connects multiple devices so you and your team can edit the same document in real time. There’s no save and send Just a seamless workflow, as if you were in the same room.

Interactive devices

SMART technology isn’t just for the virtual meeting room. You can make your in-house meetings more engaging with interactive devices. Turn your audience into active players with interactive LED screens and SMART Boards.

Your staff can do more than sit there and listen. Get them on their feet and taking part in business meetings and training sessions. While presentations make more impact with interactive content and impressive data.

Barco Clickshare

BYOD gets an upgrade with Barco Clickshare. When you give your audience an active role, chances are they’ll want to contribute with their own content. Barco Clickshare connects any PC or Mac to wirelessly display shared content.

Free Android and iOS apps bring mobile devices to the BYOD party, giving everyone the power to bring ideas to the table. No cables or tricky setup here. Barco Clickshare shares content between devices quickly and securely, over a wireless connection.

Collaborative combined

Advanced meeting technology connects businesses for more effective boardroom results. Each of the above solutions bring an element of collaboration to your meetings. By connecting attendees in a more dynamic way, teams in the same room or spread out across the world can team up to get more done.

Combine these technologies for a fully collaborative workspace, both virtually and in-house. The 21st century business knows no limits of location or time zones. Advanced meeting technology removes the hassle so you and your team can concentrate on getting the best results.

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