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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Audio Visual Benefits for Education

School Hall Projector and Audio

 Transform your hall to allow you to run school productions, cinema clubs, pre and post school clubs, concerts, exhibitions – or even as a valuable source of income by renting out as a venue. We have over 6 years experience installing electric screens and projectors into this sometimes challenging environment. We can offer screens from 2m up to 5m wide and projectors to suit the hall size, brightness and screen size. There are also numerous audio options to consider to add powerful stereo audio, microphones, connectivity for a band or a 5:1 surround sound for a cinema experience.

Digital Noticeboard Solutions

Swap to digital signage for internal school communications. You can combine different types of media instantly and simultaneously across multiple locations. Our digital noticeboard solutions allow any number of digital images, up to 2 video zones, RSS text and scrolling text. This can be created in a customised layout with a custom screen design and custom colours.

Classroom Solutions

There are a number of new options to enhance the use of audio visual and interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Sokme of the key examples include:

  • Visualisers – Link to the PC via USB and bring any resource into a lesson through your interactive whiteboard. Popular applications include “show and Tell”, science lessons, live demonstrations and live marking.
  • Soundfield Systems – Enhanced audio to ensure all pupils can hear is one thing, but providing a solution for the hearing impaired pupils is a new level. Smarter Interactive recommend Phonak as this digital system can be integrated into pupils existing hearing aids. The teacher wears a discreet microphone enabling them to speak clearly with no need to shout. There is even a hand-held wireless microphone for the pupils which cuts out when the teacher speaks.
  • Voting/Assessment systems – Use hand-held wireless receivers to get instant feedback and real time marking of any quiz or test. The software allows questions to be easily created and provide multiple choice, True/False or Yes/No answers. Some of the more advanced systems can allow full text answers and numerical answers to be sent by pupils.

Video Conferencing

Imagine being able to attend a field trip without leaving the classroom or hold a French class with a teacher in Paris.  Video conferencing is increasingly being used to share expertise, resources and expand the horizons of students worldwide. Due to the pressures of expanding pupils horizons, with the constant need to evaluate cost and the best use of time, video conferencing is the answer. Two key scenarios:

  • Shared Teaching resource – a school, would like to offer some additional subject areas (for example Latin, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese). By investing in a video conferencing solution, a cluster of schools can share one, centralised teaching resource.
  • Virtual Field Trip – By linking up to numerous providers, pupils could receive tuition from an expert on Missions into space, the Roman Empire, Volcanic Eruptions and the economic effects of the Tsunami all in one day without leaving their classroom.

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