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Benefits of using SMART Boards for software development

Software development, by its very nature, has to be right at the forefront of technological advances yet many software development companies still use outdated methods to work on their projects. Flipcharts, white boards and PowerPoint have their place but they also have their limitations too. However, many forward thinking organisations have discovered the benefits of  using SMART Boards for software development, and are reaping the rewards of more effective and productive collaboration. Here are five big benefits to show you just how useful SMART Boards are in a software development environment.

Benefits of using SMART Boards for software developmentIntuitive to use
SMART Boards are incredibly intuitive to use. You simply pick up one of the special pens or use your finger to write and draw on the board, open documents, manipulate objects and much more. The benefit is that whether your meeting involves your software development team or your customer, everyone can use the board without any requirement for training or prior experience, leading to more accessible collaboration.

Instant note capture
Everything you write or display on the SMART Board can be recorded and saved in a variety of formats, so you can email the project notes to your customer and development team as soon as the meeting ends. This means you have a lasting record of every stage of the development of your software project including any issues you needed to address, and you can acquire instant sign off right there on the SMART Board.

Expandable workspace
Ever had to decide which notes were the most important to record because of the limitations of your workspace? With SMART Boards your space expands to fit your notes, not the other way round. You have unlimited workspace so there’s no need to restrict your thinking.

Flexible content
Not only can you write and draw on SMART Boards but you can open up any document, image, webpage, video or software program and write directly over it. This means you can view your spreadsheets, open up project management programs, run software tests, view screenshots and record your feedback right from the SMART Board.

Remote collaboration
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of using SMART Boards for software development is that you don’t even need to be in the room to join the meeting. There are a number of ways you can invite people to join your SMART meeting remotely, making global collaboration easy to manage.


See how Microsoft use SMART Boards in the video below. To find out more about the benefits of using SMART Boards for software development call us today on 0118 336 0010 and speak to our experts about our range of SMART technology.

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