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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Boost Your Boardroom Results With SMART Meeting Pro 4

smart-meeting-pro-4As the nature of business meetings changes, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself up to date. Technology opens up new avenues with solutions to old problems and SMART Meeting Pro 4 is the latest software that drives SMART tools for the modern business meeting.

Whether you need to contact distant clients, improve productivity in the boardroom or inject a touch more life into your presentations – SMART Meeting Pro 4 is the industry’s leading solution for improved business meetings that get better results.

Better results mean a stronger workforce, more clients and bigger contracts. Meeting Pro 4 is developed with getting your target audience on board by getting them involved and engaged from the go.

SMART Meeting Pro just got better

Which means your meetings just got better too. The latest version of SMART Meeting Pro combines new features with improved performance for an even more effective presentation system. By using GPU acceleration, Meeting Pro 4 is faster and more reliable than previous releases – something you and your audience will appreciate using the multi-touch gestures and drawing digital ink.

A new interface gives your boardroom software a facelift with simplified icons, a streamlined design and a slicker user experience. This combined with the visual power of SMART presentation tools makes SMART Meeting Pro 4 the most impressive and compelling business meeting software to date.

New features include an “unbound” Whiteboard style that removes page boundaries for an unlimited workspace and a Business Gallery upgrade that adds newly customisable options for more control over how you turn your audience into participants.


The power of participation

Whatever your business meeting needs may be, SMART Meeting Pro 4 is ready to make an instant impact on your business with audience participation. SMART software is designed to work with a variety of devices to get clients, colleagues and trainees involved and more engaged in your meetings.

Nothing creates a lasting impression like turning listeners into protagonists to make them a part of the action. By combining Meeting Pro 4 with digital Whiteboards, interactive flat panels or conference video calling you can make new recruits and potential clients feel like an integral part of your team, from the minute the meeting begins.


Presentation is everything

Nothing is more important than what you want to say; except how you say it. You can have the best pitch, argument or message prepared but it all amounts to nothing unless it’s delivered in a way that captures your audience.

Meeting Pro 4 puts the focus on your listener and gives you a range of presentation tools to capture their imagination. With SMART Ink you can get up to 16 displays to interact with your presentation, add or remove content and even save changes for later. There’s no limit to the amount of engaging content, images, links, infographs and more you can add. Thanks to Meeting Pro 4’s unlimited workspace you can arm your presentations with limitless information your audience can interact and engage with.

Most importantly, SMART Meeting Pro 4 is fully compatible with existing software such as Bridgit®, Lync and WebEx. Combine your Meeting Pro 4 suite with Bridgit® and you can take your presentations to boardrooms around the world.

It’s not just about features though. SMART technology and software makes a statement. It says you mean business and from the first meeting it says you and your audience can do business better together.

Technology is changing the way we live both in our social lives and our professional lives. Interactive tools such as whiteboards and wi-fi and collaborative software such as Display Note is making it easier for presenters to engage employees and clients in the boardroom and connect with them from anywhere in the world.

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