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Case Study: why Audi AG brought innovative technology into the classroom

Audi AG is one of the most innovative car manufacturers in Europe, but until recently their in-house training facilities did not reflect the same leading edge image. A chance encounter with SMART at an education trade fair led the company to discover how SMART Boards could enhance staff training and since installation they haven’t looked back.

Audi AG has several training facilities across Germany and in the past each classroom was kitted out with a combination of a mobile projector on a trolley and a screen. Not only was this a rather wobbly system, it led to one-way training sessions controlled by the presenter, with little opportunity for participants to get involved. The introduction of overhead projectors did encourage some interactivity but the limitations of the technology meant the available writing area was small and the presenters were tied to the trolley where the projector sat.

However, all that was to change after a visit to the Didacta trade fair where SMART was displaying their range of interactive white boards. The technology was the most intuitive on display and a decision was made to install SMART Boards across Audi AG’s training facilities – and they have proved to be the ideal medium for both theoretical and hands-on training.

Technical training sessions often focus on the diagnostic tester and an electronic service information system, but trying to let students see the relevant information on a small screen was very difficult. Now the tester can be connected directly to the SMART Board, with all the information clearly visible to everyone. The trainer can write on the board to highlight specific features of the diagnostics and the entire session can be recorded and sent to participants, and reused in future training exercises.

Audi AG also invested in SMART Response handheld units. Whereas in the traditional classroom only one person at a time can provide answers to questions asked by the trainer, the handsets allow an entire class to answer and provide feedback simultaneously. It means trainers can see instantly whether participants understand topics or if there are gaps in the training.

Audi AG’s staff are curious by nature so the Smart Boards have been a big hit. In fact, the company is now planning on introducing SMART Boards into all the training rooms, as trainers are now lost if they have to revert to more traditional training methods! As Ralf Schmidt, Coordinator of Technical Training in Germany for Audi AG says, “With the help of SMART Boards, the disadvantages of static PowerPoint presentations have been overcome. Trainers now have the opportunity to create more interactive and visual sessions. Participants are much more integrated. SMART solutions offer countless possibilities, making them suitable for both practical and theory sessions.”

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