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Choosing technology to improve collaboration in software development

Do you want to improve collaboration between your software developers, graphic designers, coders and clients? Software development is a global business and in order to get the best people in your team you often have to recruit from around the world. However, this can bring its own problems, especially in the area of communication, and you may find recruiting the best increases your overall budget as you have to arrange travel to get everyone in one room. At Smarter Interactive we supply software development companies with a wide range of equipment that can help improve their communication, wherever their key players are based. In this short article we’ll offer some advice on choosing technology to improve collaboration in software development.

The biggest challenge you may have when trying to collaborate remotely on software development projects is that you are likely to use a range of third party or proprietary programmes. Tools like Dropbox, SharePoint and Google Drive are fine for keeping one updated copy of a file that everyone can view and amend, but there are drawbacks too. For example, you may be limited on the type of programmes you can use – while basics like Microsoft Office apps are supported, more specialist software might not be, and you’re also reliant on everyone having the software installed on their computer to be able to access the data. This is why it’s often necessary to arrange face to face meetings – which of course take up valuable time and are costly too.

One solution is to use an interactive white board such as a SMART Board. You can use SMART Boards both locally and remotely over the internet, and your team don’t even need their own SMART device as there is software available that enables access on any computer or iPad. This gives you the facility to share anything remotely that you can view on your computer – and because it is your screen you are displaying you’re only limited by the software you already use, and you don’t need everyone else to have the same programme installed. You can write over and highlight anything on your screen and some more specialised programmes are integrated into the SMART software so you can actively use them on your SMART board – and anyone you invite to the meeting can view and manipulate the data in them too. For example, iObeya project management software, Visio storyboarding tools and AUTOCad all integrate with SMART devices. You can also view and annotate your coding, share screenshots and videos and save your meeting notes in one easy to distribute file. So by using remote data sharing tools you can enhance the productivity of your team and actively work on your projects, whatever software you use, and wherever your developers are based.

To find out more about choosing technology to improve collaboration in software development call us today on 0118 336 0010 and speak to one of our experts about the best SMART solutions for your needs and budget.

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