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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Combine Technology And Best Practices For True Collaboration


Last week we looked at a new study from SMART Technologies and how you can use it to get more from collaboration. The same research shows companies that implement a combined strategy of technology and best practices get the best results from collaboration. With a higher ‘maturity’ ranking your business can see up to 5.3 times more positive impact from your collaboration strategy.

The highest ranking businesses in the study have implemented a fully optimised and varied strategy. This relies on diverse technology and a range of collaboration environments to meet their entire business needs. Using this study, we can pinpoint what makes collaboration work and help your organisation get better results.

Variety key to collaborative success

The business day incorporates a number of working environments, which your collaboration strategy needs to accommodate for. You have a range of staff with different things on their agenda an settings to work in. This is where collaboration environments come into play. There are four types of collaborative environments – informal, structured, formal and dispersed.

Informal environments include your casual group sessions and morning brief, while structured settings are for hitting planned targets. The formal environment is for your high profile meetings and dispersed settings use the internet to connect you to remote workers and distant clients.

Combine technology and best practices

With that in mind, you need the right technology to meet your business needs in all four environments. To find out which tech options your organisation needs, it’s important you assess your business before making any decisions. Determine what your company stands to gain from collaboration and choose the right solution to take your business forward.

Your collaboration strategy doesn’t end with technology though. The key finding from research by SMART Technology is that businesses with a policy in place to follow best practices get the most from collaboration. Which means it’s not just the technology you have in place, but how you use it that determines success.

The benefits of smart technology and usage

SMART Technologies has published the top four benefits reported by businesses who implement high-quality technology and follow collaboration best practices. According to the study, these organisations have not only improved productivity within the business, but also seen an accelerated rate of innovation, improved decision making and more effective risk reduction.

Other benefits highlighted by the report include reduced expense, improved quality and business transformation. While businesses that fail to implement a varied collaboration strategy – with the right technology and best practices – are found to get a weaker return on their collaboration investment.

For more details on collaboration best practices you can see here. Or to find out which technology solutions can help your get more from collaboration, get in touch with the Smarter Interactive team.

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