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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Display Note Collaboration tools and Session Manager

operating systemsDisplay Note is specifically designed to allow multiple users to collaborate with content. The software is compatible with modern operating systems and allows you to share content with third party devices regardless of whether they are using iOS, Android or Windows. Participants can capture and alter content prepared in Display Note by a presenter and save it to their devices to access at a later time.

Selecting participants and authorizing collaboration mode allows other users to interact with the content stored in the host folder in real-time. In order for participants to be given the option to collaborate they need to be invited by the presenter. Display Note can host up to 40 devices in one session. This set up gives the presenter complete control over their content and can choose who has access to your lessons in Display Note.

Collaboration works both ways. For example, the presenter can request a response from participants by writing a question on their Display Note screen and sending it to participants. The same image on the host device will be mirrored on the participant´s device from where they can answer the question and save it.

The session manager allows teachers to respond to students privately, or send a message to a group of people or the entire class. You can either leave comments on the actual work or use a fresh page to write your message. If students use their own tablet they can access lessons and comments at any time. The whole process of delivering lesson through Display Note makes interacting and connecting with students easy and instant.

notes moreContent tools

Participants can personalize the content saved to their own device by adding notes, post-its or memos, annotation and images. Using the Display Note toolbar you can also add, lines, written notes, shapes, arrows and highlight text. The toolbar works in pretty much the same way as the familiar Windows Office software.

Display Note also allows you to draft a wide range of graphs and charts that are commonly used in mathematics and science. Users can colour co-ordinate such content to differentiate different elements and make the content easier to assess and understand at a glance.

You also have access to a wealth of material and useful applications which you can pull from the internet. Google Earth and Google Maps are perfect for geography lessons, whilst being able to share images of historical events and characters can help create a brighter picture during history classes. You will of course find lesson material for every school subject in abundance on the internet as well as adding your own material from your own hard drive.

Display Note can also be transferred to interactive whiteboards or projectors so that you can bring up live visuals to the entire classroom as well as their personal handheld devices. The flexibility and wide choice of functionality of Display Note presents an entirely new and exciting way of teaching and adds a completely different dimension to your lessons.

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