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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Display Note: Collaborative Software That Keeps On Giving


Using display Note allows you to turn your tablet or smartphone into a portable camera and capture content you can share with students as part of your lesson plan. You can open your camera from the Display Note tool bar on the left of your screen. You can snap shots of diagrams from text books or live objects and manipulate the images on screen using text, circles or arrows to highlight specific points.

Students can also add their own memo, notes and annotations to the images from their own handsets and save the content in a file they can access at any time from a portable device. To share content with your students go into your camera roll and take a screen-grab of the content you want to share and sending it to participants. This allows students to collaborate in real-time.

Interact with students

Within Display Notes, presenters have the option to include their audience by sending them interactive polling questions so that you can gauge the level of understanding in the room. This allows you to set quizzes for your class and test your student´s knowledge throughout the lesson. The software has five question types, hotspot, rating scale, multiple choice, and true or false.

Select the type of question you want to ask and type your question into the box. You then “pose” your question to participants by clicking the button on the bottom right of your screen. You can privately send questions to individuals or groups and wait for a response. It´s a fun and easy way of teaching!

Making changes

Display Note is compatible with Microsoft Office suite and therefore allows users to annotate directly into a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document. In the Display Note toolbar you will find your annotation tools which gives you a number of options and colours you can use to make notes, comments or underline. It´s the easiest way to comment on your student´s work.

With such advanced software like Display Note, teachers are changing their approach to classes and finding new and exciting ways of teaching. Display Note is specifically designed for users to be able to collaborate and schools are finding that giving the kids a chance to work together is improving the behavior of pupils and keeping them engaged for longer periods than when they are working alone.

Easy-to-use technology

Using a variety of creative strategies, teachers have the ability to make lessons fun and effective. The touchscreen technology is easy to use, and because the familiar toolbars are clearly labeled it won´t take you long to learn everything the software allows you to do.

Display Note has been well received by schools all over the UK. Not only does the software enable you to make your classes more dynamic, it offers excellent opportunities to interact with your pupils and monitor their progress. Feedback from teachers suggests that by getting your students to collaborate and interact with one another has also improved discipline.

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