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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Display Note – Cross Platform and device software to connect and collaborate

even (1)Display note software is available for Windows, Mac, iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod) and Android tablets and smartphones. Display note enables a presenter PC or Mac to create a “network” where all of the devices with the login can connect and collaborate together. One of the key benefits is this network can be a mixture of devices and therefore a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is possible. The app required by each device to connect to the Display Note session is a free download from iTunes or Google Play

The main scenario where Display Note is currently proving very popular relates to the increasing demand from schools to introduce personalised learning devices such as iPad’s or Android tablets into the classroom. However, the benefits are equally powerful in a group collaboration meeting or training session.

What can I do with Display Note?

Once all of the devices are connected, the presenter (usually the teacher or trainer) is in control of all of the devices in the Display Note session.

The presenter can:

  • Present – In most teaching scenarios the presenter is using a PC or Mac connected to a projector, interactive whiteboard or flat screen display. As well as everything appearing on this main display all content is broadcast in real time to all devices connected in the Display Note session.
  • Control from a device – use a device to walk around the room and control the session from a mobile device.
  • Annotate – the presenter can annotate and these annotations will appear on all devices connected.  More importantly the presenter can allow any other device to annotate back and the other devices can view all annotations.
  • Ask questions – the presenter can write a question and send this to all devices to answer. The results are instantly recorded in the session.
  • Create groups – the presenter can allocate devices into groups to ask them to collaborate with each other on a topic.
  • Control – the presenter can pause a session and keep the users of each device under control
  • Private messages – the presenter can send private messages to one or all devices connected to a Display Note session.

Regardless of whether they are using an iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet or smart phone each device connected to Display Note can:

  • Present – present content back from their device
  • Write personalised notes – add their own notes and annotations independently of all other users in the session.
  • Capture and save– all notes can be captured as photos, saved, linked to Dropbox or emailed
  • Share ideas back – share photos or videos (which could include their own captured ideas) back with the group
  • Answer questions – respond to questions posed by the presenter
  • Respond to Private messages – type full text answers back to private messages from the presenter

Display Note combines the power of your existing classroom or training room technology with the power and mobility of whichever mobile tablet or device you have decided to adopt or allow in your BYOD policy.

Please contact Smarter Interactive on 0118 336 0020 or use the form below to request a free evaluation and demonstrate the unique benefits of Display Note. 

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