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Display Note: Putting The Fun Into Teaching and Learning

smart-600-seriesTechnology is changing the way we live both in our social lives and our professional lives. Interactive tools such as whiteboards and wi-fi and collaborative software such as Display Note is making it easier for teachers to engage their students in the classroom and connect with them in real-time outside the classroom too.

For educational purposes, interactive technologies are proving to be very effective. We are living in the computer age whereby children are exposed to technology from an early age. Buy the time they get to learning age at school most children already know how to work the basic operations of a tablet or laptop.

Transferring this knowledge and interest of using handheld devices and touchscreen displays from the home to the classroom is a simple transition for most pupils so the learning environment will be more comfortable and familiar.

Collaborative teaching in real-time

Display Note enables teachers to make presentations more engaging whilst working in a large group. Display Note is compatible with modern office suite applications, pdf files and anything you pull off the internet thus you can use a vast array of material to help make your lessons more dynamic and entertaining.

The software also makes managing and sharing the content much easier too. The presenter has complete control over who sees what content thus as the teacher you decide who you share content with. Once pupils have accepted your invitation to share content they can add their own content to the screen in real-time.

This enables you to send questions and course material electronically and the students can either answer questions or make their own notes and annotations on the content. For example, they can highlight a piece of text, circle information and add a post-it with extra notes.

Sharing content

Display Notes give you endless options to teach and learn in real-time and have fun doing it. You can ask your students to take photographs of specific objects on their handhelds and share it with the class. The other pupils can then use the tools in Display Note to doctor the image or maybe form a montage. Students can then share their content with their friends.

You can also use Display Note share notes and thoughts in real-time which makes it an ideal software program for group work in the class room. Studies have shown that children are responded better in class when they are able to collaborate with their friends using handheld devices they are familiar with.

The advancements of handheld technology will improve and become more popular over the coming years and using tablet devices and interactive whiteboards will become a permanent fixture in schools all over the world. Indeed, technology will become so commonplace and effective that parents will specifically seek out schools with interactive technology to send their children as they know their child is more likely to enjoy learning and get better results.

The sooner you start using Display Note, the sooner your pupils benefit with good results – and the sooner your reputation as a school that gets results will spread.

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