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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Enhance Staff Training With Interactive Technology

Business Training using SMART 885ix

Every growing business needs new staff. Which means training recruits the essential skills and working ways of your business. The bigger your team gets, the more demanding this becomes. You might have branches across the region, remote workers or offices abroad to consider, interactive conferencing technology makes connecting possible and effective.

It doesn’t end with newbies either. You need to keep your workers up to date with the industry and changes to legislation. Needless to say, the training room is an important part of your business. It’s where employees learn their first lessons about how you work and where you keep them up to scratch.

So everyone involved needs to get the most out of your training sessions – no matter how big your business. Interactive technology combines a number of devices and software options, to connect distant training rooms and create more effective “in-house” training.

Expand your training room

Take your training sessions further with interactive technology. Using tech like SMART Boards and video conferencing you can train staff anywhere. Location isn’t a factor in remote working anymore. You can connect with trainees worldwide or link branches across the nation – to the same training session.

SMART Boards bring collaboration to your digital training room. SMART’s software fully integrates Microsoft Office and other leading platforms like AutoCAD and Adobe. So you can bring powerful content to your training sessions. While SMART’s Bridgit software connects any PC, Mac or iPad for trainees to interact with your SMART Board data.

You can put a face to your training sessions too – using video conference technology. With cloud-hosted video calls you can connect to almost any device, anywhere. Staff join your training call by simply following the link in your email invitation. So branches and remote workers can link up to your training sessions no matter where they are.


Interactive, “in-room” training

Interactive technology makes your training room a more engaging place to learn. “In-room” training gets added impact to help your staff absorb more information. Trainees don’t need to sit there and try to stay awake. Get them involved with interactive training material on SMART Boards, using multi-touchscreen technology.

In-room training goes collaborative too. Freestorm Visual Collaboration Solutions use WebEx and Microsoft Lync to turn SMART Boards into a training powertool. You can connect staff devices up to your main SMART Board display or sync them together for group training exercises. And throughout your sessions trainees can make customised notes to save, email or take away with them.

Interactive technology makes a great start in the training room. But the devices and technology create a more dynamic workplace for your staff to practice new skills. Collaboration tools give teams a more powerful workflow. And you can introduce a BYOD training and work policy, with collaborative software like DisplayNote. Connected staff get better results, so get them off on the right track from day one. Interactive technology gives your training sessions added clout and helps employees make the right start to their new career.


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