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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Five key reasons why software developers need SMART solutions

If you want to succeed in software development you need to find the best people for the job. However, that can often mean recruiting globally, which brings with it many challenges. SMART solutions can make a big difference. SMART has a range of innovative solutions that make long distance communication and collaboration easy to manage and more effective. In this article we’ll look at five key reasons why software developers need SMART solutions.

1. Effective remote communication and collaboration
Travelling long distances to meet with your team can mean big expense budgets. Collaborating across time zones can also increase your schedules as it’s not always easy to get everyone together at a convenient time. SMART solutions enable you to invite people to attend meetings remotely, and using a SMART Board you can do everything you would normally do on a white board or your computer, from brainstorming and note taking to reviewing code, graphics and video. You also benefit from SMART digital ink so you can write over your files, make notes, highlight and annotate your documents and everyone attending the remote meeting can take control and contribute too.

2. Multi-platform use
One of the problems with some technology solutions is not everyone has the relevant equipment – or the budget to buy it – so they miss out. SMART solutions include SMART Boards in a range of sizes and Podiums, which are interactive monitors. And with SMART Bridgit software you can open up the boardroom to people connecting from their own device, whether they use a PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. The Bridgit app is free  to download so there’s no additional costs involved for your staff either.

3. Secure recording of information
When you’re managing a software development project it can be easy for vital information to go astray, whether it’s the notes from a planning meeting or the email signing off the last stage of the project. With SMART solutions you can keep everything in one place. SMART Boards integrate with SharePoint so you can have a central repository for all your files; this also means you can pull forward anything you need when you need it, and share it remotely with the rest of the team.

4. Integration with 3rd party programmes
SMART solutions integrate seamlessly with many third party programmes, including Visio, AUTOCad and iObeya. However, you can also share anything on your SMART Board that you can open on your computer, so you can study coding, watch video and collaborate on 3D models all on the one Board. And as before, you can annotate anything on the Board and share or review your notes later.

5. Easy sign off
Has a project ever overrun deadlines because you couldn’t get hold of the right people at the right time to sign off a stage? SMART solutions make sign off easier than ever – get together remotely, review the project to date and use the SMART Ink to get instant sign off – which can be distributed to all parties immediately.

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