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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Flexible Video Conferencing Solutions for Manufacturing

Using video conferencing in manufacturing can bring all sorts of benefits, not least by cutting down the amount of travel required between design offices and manufacturing plants. The latest high definition video conferencing systems give you crystal clear images so you can not only see your colleagues but also show images of your products in fine detail so you can assess, diagnose and resolve production issues. However, there are many different forms of video conferencing around, and in this guide we’ll look at some of the flexible video conferencing solutions for manufacturing.

Flexible video conferencing solutions for manufacturing

Dedicated room systems

Room systems are dedicated video conferencing setups that give you a fixed, always-on video communication link to another location or multiple locations. Room systems allow you to transmit board room meetings to another location quickly and easily. The downside is room systems are expensive to install as you will need your own server, and you may find you need more flexibility; for example you may want to invite people outside the board room to the meeting.

Hosted solutions

Similar to room systems, a hosted solution requires the purchase of video conferencing equipment but rather than needing your own server you can rent a port on an external server to send video communications. The advantage of this system is the initial investment is smaller and you can extend your system as needed – you could initially rent a single port, but then add more ports as you extend the locations you need  to link with.

Online solutions

Perhaps the most flexible video conferencing solutions for manufacturing are online. Services like LifeSize Connections and Starleaf let you use your own computer or tablet device to host and join a video conference; they are also compatible with room systems, so you can conference both with the board room and with individual users. To be truly effective they require a fast, stable internet connection but if that’s an issue you can subscribe to a Managed Hosting service.

Flexible video conferencing solutions for manufacturing - alternative solutionsAlternatives to video conferencing

But perhaps there’s an alternative to videoconferencing that would be even more effective within manufacturing? It’s not always face-to-face communication that’s important; rather, the information you share. We would suggest that it’s worth looking at SMART Boards. Using a SMART Board you can share and collaborate on projects; you can display a wide range of content including documents, spreadsheets and images; you can open up third party programs like AutoCAD and Visio; and you can even add a visualiser to send real time footage, meaning you can see close up images of products to help diagnose issues. And there are a range of solutions available to enable you to deploy your SMART meeting to people using their own devices.

If you’re interested in introducing either video conferencing or SMART techno logy to your manufacturing business, call us today on 0118 336 0010 to find out more about the solutions that would work for you.


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