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Getting the Right Audio for Your School Hall

In almost every school the hall is the focal point. It’s often the first place prospective students and their parents visit. It’s also probably used for everything from exams to assemblies to dramatic productions. Getting the right audio for your school hall means assemblies can be more interactive and concerts more professional. Here are some important questions you need to think about if you want to get the right audio for your school hall. 

What is the school hall like?
No two school halls are the same, and the size, shape, age and construction of your school hall can play a huge factor in the audio setup. When it comes to audio equipment, one size definitely doesn’t fit all and you could be wasting your money if the audio bounces off the architectural features or is absorbed by the brickwork.  Far better to let a professional company assess your school’s needs and put together a bespoke system for you. 

What do you use the hall for?
Exams, assemblies, Xmas fayres, presentations, drama productions, parents evenings, concerts, classes, discos, community events, after school clubs, theatres, cinema clubs, indoor sports events… just a few of the things we know school halls are used for! Which events will you need audio equipment for?  When getting the right audio for your school hall you need to think carefully about what you will be using it for, and the effect you want to achieve.

How many people will be in the hall?
Whether it’s a single classroom using multimedia resources or an audience of a thousand watching the school concert, getting the right audio for your school hall means making sure the system you use is flexible and can adapt to the size of audience and occasion.

What sort of audio inputs do you need?
Gone are the days when everything was run from a cassette player. Now you may find you’re using audio from a wide range of inputs including computer, USB stick, iPod, MP3, DVD and CD. When choosing the right audio for your school hall, make sure it allows you to input audio from all the devices you use.

What equipment do you need?
As well as the main audio setup, what other equipment do you need? Is a wired microphone sufficient, or do you need wireless mics so every child can be heard? Would 5:1 cinema surround sound enhance your events even more?

At Smarter Interactive we use a building block approach to ensure you get the right audio for your school hall. We listen carefully to what you want and build a system that will deliver professional audio in your school hall, whatever the event. We can also add on other multimedia elements such as screens and projectors, and our engineers will fully install and test your system. We can even supply ongoing technical support and on-site training, so your staff will know how to get the best out of your school hall audio system. 

Click here to find out more about our school hall solutions, or call us on 0118 336 0010 to arrange a free demo.

And for any orders received before the end of December 2011, we will give your school the choice of two radio lapel or handheld radio microphones worth £400.00 each completely FREE of charge – Get in touch with us here and request your free quotation.

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