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How can I record meeting notes on a digital whiteboard?

notesWhen did you last attend an important meeting and find yourself feverishly scribbling down notes? How did it feel? Were you fully able to concentrate on what was being said, or did you find you missed half the discussion because you were trying to record meeting notes on paper? We’ve all been there. It’s difficult to concentrate on what’s going on in the room when you’re preoccupied trying to keep a running record of the meeting. But what are the alternatives?

You could take someone with you to act as a scribe. They could concentrate on recording notes while you focus on the discussion. The problem is the scribe might not record the information that’s most important to you. Perhaps they don’t fully understand some of the technical talk going on. And they’re only human – they’re as likely as you are to lose track of the conversation or become distracted. What you’ll end up with is a set of partial notes from another person’s point of view. It’s not an ideal solution.

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How about using flip charts? One person can make notes on a chart that everyone can see, so you can all contribute and make sure the notes are a true reflection of the meeting. Again there are drawbacks. You can only cram so much information onto one sheet of paper, so you could end up with wall to wall notes. And what do you do with those notes at the end of the day? To be able to save and share the information someone needs to type it up – which means they need to be able to decipher the handwriting AND it’ll be a time consuming job.

What is the solution?

The solution could be to record meeting notes on a digital whiteboard. Most digital white boards have screens that are large enough to record a lot of information – and once the board is full you can save the contents, wipe it clean and start again. At the end of the meeting all the notes can be saved and shared quickly and easily. There are lots of other benefits to using digital whiteboards too. For example, interactive white boards let you pull up files like spreadsheets and presentations and then write on the documents. It makes meetings much more interactive – for example, at a budget meeting you can open up the Excel spreadsheet, look at the figures, highlight the most important data and make notes as you go along – and the meeting notes can be recorded and shared with other people. The latest SMART boards let two people make notes simultaneously and you can manipulate objects on the board, including text and images, to create on-the-fly interactive presentations. And once again, you can record the meeting notes on the digital white board and use them later.

If you’re still using scribes or flipcharts, or you spend most of your meetings frantically trying to keep notes, maybe it’s time you investigated how to record meeting notes on a digital whiteboard. At Smarter Interactive we have a wide range of interactive white boards available – give us a call on 0118 336 0010 or fill in the form on the below to arrange a free demonstration.

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