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How do I choose the best Interactive LED screen for your school?

smart-e70There are now a large range of interactive LED screens available from manufacturers including SMART Technologies, C-Touch, Clever Touch, iBoard to name a few. But, what are the factors you should consider before making a decision?

Firstly, you can read our article explaining the reasons a school should consider using an Interactive LED screen instead of a interactive whiteboard and projector. Secondly, you can contact us to book a FREE demonstration or trial to help with your decision making process.

If you have already decided you want to look into the options for interactive LED screens, what are the key factors you should consider?

  • Longevity of hardware – Interactive LED’s are expected to have a long life – usually up to 50,000 hours. Choosing a manufacturer with a commercial panel, proven track record, comprehensive warranty and stats they are happy sharing regarding their failure rates are important to protect your investment is important. If the screen lasts for 50,000 hours it might be hanging on your wall for 10 years or more!
  • Multi touch – how many touch points do you need now and how many might you want in the future? Windows 7 & 8 have a range of gestures only accessible when you use 4 or 6 points of touch. We recommend 6 points of touch as a minimum if you can stretch your budget.
  • Anti Glare – ensure the screen does not attract glare and provides a smooth, easy to use touch and writing surface
  • Quality to touch – before investing in a screen we recommend you see one in action. Try it for yourself to ensure you are happy with the performance of the touch
  • Sizes – The most popular sizes in education are 55”, 65” & 70” diagonal, which is the most appropriate for your classroom? As a guide we usually only recommend 55” in small nursery or primary school classrooms. If your room is larger, try to get 65” or above to protect your long term investment, they do cost more but will give you an image 1.6m wide in crystal clear HD
  • Weight – how strong are your walls? There are options to put screens on floor stands or brackets supported by the floor, but you should get an expert to check the strength of your wall before purchasing a screen
  • Integrated PC – do you want a screen with an integrated PC or a separate PC? Integrated is neater, but usually a bit more expensive and less flexible if anything goes wrong with the PC
  • What else do you want to connect? Choose a screen with the number of VGA, HDMi and other connections you think you will need now and in the future
  • What software will you use? This is one of the most difficult decisions to make, but impacts on the screen you decide. If you are one of the 60% of schools in the UK currently using SMART Boards do you want to continue using SMART Notebook? If so, SMART Notebook is only free to use on a SMART LED, otherwise you need to pay a licence fee. There are lots of alternative software packages on the market which we are happy to demonstrate, but you need to ask your teachers what software they value and use.
  • Think long term – answers to all of the questions might be different now compared to in 3 years time. But an interactive LED might last for up to 50,000 hours which could easily be more than 10 years. Go back through this list and consider your answers with a long term view
  • Price – although we appreciate the pressures of price and funding in education we would encourage you to consider all of the above factors before allowing price to affect your final decision

Smarter Interactive are an impartial reseller with access to a range of leading LED screen manufacturers. Our focus is to provide our customers with informative advice allowing you to make an informed decision. There are no right or wrong answers, we are happy to discuss and demonstrate any technology to help you make up your mind. Please contact us to talk to an expert or book a demonstration.

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