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How Interactive Whiteboards Can Increase Student Motivation

smart-800-seriesOne of the biggest challenges a teacher faces is keeping their pupils interested during lessons. Most students find most subjects boring so teachers have to find ways of making their lessons more engaging. Difficult isn’t it? But rather than making the subject more engaging, why don´t you let your students engage with the subject!

Interactive whiteboards are used in the same way as a smartphone, tablet and computer. The software and applications are familiar to 21st century children and the visual images have more of an impact on the child´s memory than words alone. There are numerous surveys that show positive results can be achieved by motivating pupils using interactive whiteboards in the classroom.

The fact of the matter is, students are more interested in the subject when it is brought to life through visuals. This alone makes a significant difference in their attentiveness and interest. Furthermore giving students the opportunity to interact with the whiteboard makes lesson fun and provides a more enjoyable learning experience.

Motivating students

Motivating confident students is easy with interactive whiteboards as they want to show what they know and can do in front of their classmates. But how can you encourage shy children to volunteer. Well you can´t, but you can invite them to use the interactive whiteboard. There will not be many pupils who will turn down that opportunity!

It has also been noted that interactive whiteboards improve the learning capacity of even the lowest performing students as the technology is more engaging and encourages students to want to learn. But it all depends how you use the technology. Continuing traditional classroom methods using the whiteboard as a projector screen or glorified chalkboard will not get the most out of the technology or your students.

Students want to be directly involved in the lesson and should be given the opportunity to move things around, write on the board or share their work. Given this chance, it was found that pupils are more inclined to push themselves a little bit harder to produce their best work. Teachers can use this as a fixed feature of the lesson to give students an incentive.

Interactive whiteboard visuals

It is no secret that students relate to visuals on a screen more than books. The human brain is naturally more receptive to images and finds them easier to process and remember. Because you can use numerous applications, upload images and access the internet to appear on the whiteboard you have a wealth of visual media to access.

You can also stream data to wi-fi enabled handsets such as smartphones and iPads. Most teenagers these days have a portable handset they bring to school. Allowing them to use their personal device as part of the lesson and access it at a later date gives them more motivation in class and more opportunity to learn at home.

Interactive whiteboards have obvious benefits for motivating staff, but teachers are advised to make the most of the technology in order to motivate students to learn.


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