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James Henrey, CEO

How SMART Notebook Benefits Educators

classroomWith the advent of SMART technology, together with tablets, laptops and the internet, textbooks in schools are becoming a thing of the past. That is certainly the case in the classroom. SMART Notebook software is aimed at educators who wish to enhance the impact of their classes.

SMART Notebook is proven to improve learning. Students are more alert during lessons when teachers engage them by using interactive whiteboards, whether they are learning basic concepts or complicated issues from the curriculum. If there is one tool that passes the test with flying colors with students, it is the SMART Notebook.

Education for web 2.0 students comes to life with its immersive environment. It´s flexibility to include text, images and videos, plus being able to share content with other devices guides the users to study any subject with more intent and greater satisfaction. Subsequently, the depth of learning is improved.

SMART’s Motivational Formula for Short Attention Spans

SMART Notebook has key features that teenagers respond to with the most enthusiasm. One of the most popular is the 3D tools. Given the onslaught of 3D cinema and three-dimensional computer games these days, 3D images are something that modern day kids are particularly responsive to. Their developing minds are used to being fixed in the picture – and the best thing is they do not need 3D glasses to benefit from the learning experience.

Children learn better when you involve their senses. The Notebook Viewer tool helps to stimulate their imagination by putting them in a virtual reality that helps than discover the outside world. You could say Notebook helps them re-connect with nature which is the human mind´s base instinct. The SMART Notebook’s quintessential component allows your students to get access to files stored during the classroom at home for collaboration and revision purposes. Encourage your pupils parents to get involved as well.

SMART’s revolutionary teaching process

SMART Notebook 3D tools that require a hands-on approach from each participant means that all the class collaborates 100% of time on a task whose completion may require navigation or manipulation of the objects. Animations, 3D and sound, all combined, form a multisensory channel that should appeal both to impatient young minds, overstimulated by computer games, and driven by the Internet-generated need to multi-task. Last but not least, an attractively designed lesson lets you tap each student’s individual needs more effectively and lets each of them work at their own pace.

SMART interactive lessons

Any educator willing to facilitate their students’ progress with SMART Notebook will benefit from a great opportunity to tap the existing SMART resources and reducing the lesson preparation time to nil, thanks to the SMART exchange resource website. Online resources include a wide selection of interactive widgets, digital lessons and numerous SMART add-ons. There is also a refined version, ie. an application called Notebook Express that requires nothing more than Internet access and allows you to edit and collaborate on your lesson’s content completely online.

If there has ever been an invention that makes learning more fun and effective for students, it is the SMART Notebook.


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