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James Henrey, CEO

How to improve record taking in software development

Software development involves so many people and stages of production that sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all the information you need. Problems can occur if, for example, a developer starts working with an old bit of code, a graphic designer doesn’t have the latest project brief or the team loses vital pieces of information. Using technology, you can keep track of every element of a project throughout development. In this article we’ll offer five tips on how to improve record taking in software development.

1. Use a central location to store documents
There are many ways to set up a central storage location where everyone can access and work on the same documents, including free services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Perhaps the most useful is Microsoft SharePoint – you can also integrate SharePoint with other tools and services for added functionality.

2. Use project management software
Every software development team has its own way of managing projects but many still use the old “war room” set up of walls filled with notes, charts and Post Its. And while this might be effective, it’s insecure and it’s easy for vital information to literally fall off the wall and disappear. Project management software such as iObeya is simple to use, has lots of functionality and also integrates with tools like SMART devices for easy remote sharing and collaboration.

3. Collaborate remotely
Often the best people for your team are spread across the country or even the world, meaning it can be problematic getting everyone together at the same time. Using an interactive whiteboard like a SMART Board enables you to organise meetings, view code and images, host demonstrations and collaborate on your projects remotely.

4. Instant communication
Video conferencing is becoming part of everyday life for many companies, and the latest platforms offer high definition video at a range of prices, bringing the technology within the reach of most businesses. Being able to set up a face to face meeting instantly means software development projects can progress faster, with fewer delays.

5. Instant approval
Following on from the previous tip, using technology like SMART Boards means you can hold remote meetings with clients, showcase your products and get sign off instantly, again reducing costs and time and keeping projects on schedule.

For more information about how to improve record taking in software development call us today on 0118 336 0010 and speak to our experts about introducing remote collaboration technology into your business.

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