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How to improve the orientation of a SMART board

What is orientation?

To get the most from your interactive SMART board you need to make sure the orientation is correct. The orientation process calibrates the SMART board so your touch is registered accurately and the board performs the action you want. Sometimes the calibration shifts so the active areas of the SMART board and the projected image don’t line up, and that can cause problems. Orientation corrects any alignment issues so the cursor is in the correct place when you touch the board, and you can use all the features effectively.

How do you know when your SMART board needs orienting?

There are four typical situations where you will need to set the orientation of your SMART board.

When you initially set up your SMART board. When you first set up the SMART board you will need to orient it before you can use it.

If you move either the SMART board or your projector. Because orientation relies on the correct alignment of the projector and the interactive white board, if you move either piece of equipment you will need to orient the SMART board again.

When you use a different computer. If you connect a different computer to the SMART board you will need to orient it. You need to do this every time you change the computer connected to the SMART board.

If the cursor doesn’t appear when you touch the board. When you touch the SMART board the cursor should appear. If it doesn’t appear – or it appears in a different part of the board to where you are touching – you need to orient the board.

How to improve the orientation of a SMART board

If you need to orient your SMART board, these easy steps should help.

  1. Press and hold the Keyboard and Right Mouse buttons on the pen tray simultaneously until the Orientation screen appears
  2. White, diamond-shaped “targets” will appear on the board. Press the pen firmly near each target.
  3. Drag the tip of the pen to the centre of the target, maintaining constant pressure throughout.
  4. When you reach the target point remove the pen from the screen. The orientation point will register when you release your touch.   
  5. Do the same for each target point on the screen.
  6. When you’ve set all the orientation points, the orientation screen will disappear and your SMART board is ready to use.

If you need to refine the orientation of your SMART board you can do so using the menu options. Press the SMART Board icon in the notification area and select the Control Panel option from the Tools menu. Select SMART Hardware Settings and Orientation/Alignment from the drop-down menu. You can then choose between Quick, Standard, Wide or Fine. Make your choice and press OK, then begin the orientation process with the new settings. Play around to find the setting that works best for you.

If orientation of your SMART board is still a problem after following these steps you can buy a replacement controller card. Alternatively you might benefit from upgrading your SMART board.



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