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How to integrate SMART Boards with SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is an indispensable piece of software for many businesses. SharePoint works seamlessly with Microsoft business programs including Office, as well as many third party products, to let you collaborate on projects with your colleagues and contacts. Using SharePoint you can open, amend, edit and annotate documents, with files being saved to one shared location so everyone can view and work on the most up to date documents. And when you know how to integrate SMART Boards with SharePoint you gain even more benefits.

Using SMART Boards with SharePoint means you are not limited to the small screen and the working space on your SMART Board extends as much as you need it to. You can run SharePoint documents, web pages and other software simultaneously. Two people can use the SMART Board at the same time, making collaboration more interactive. And because you can share your SMART Board remotely, via other SMART Boards, computers or even tablet devices, you can invite people outside your SharePoint contacts to collaborate, with all changes being saved in that same shared location.

How to integrate SMART Boards with SharePointHow to integrate SMART Boards with SharePoint

There are two ways to integrate SMART Boards with SharePoint – via a computer, or by using an appliance-based board or flat panel.

Many businesses have a dedicated computer in the meeting room and if this is the case, you can install any SMART Board, hook it up to your computer, fire up SharePoint and you’re ready. You can also use SharePoint via a SMART Podium – a small, mobile interactive pen display.

Alternatively, you may not want or be able to have a dedicated computer in your meeting room. However, you can still integrate a SMART Board with Sharepoint by purchasing an appliance–based interactive white board or flat panel.  These boards come with an embedded limited functionality computer that gives you access to all the SMART features, protect your device against malware and viruses and connects to your Sharepoint location so you can open, edit and save documents back to that shared location.

The appliance-based SMART Boards – any SMART product ending with an “e” (885ixe, 8055ie, 880ie, 8070ie and 885ie, for example) – are incredibly easy to use.  You simply turn the Board on and have instant access to collaborative tools, your SharePoint files and web browsing without needing a computer. And as with any other SMART Board, all your meeting notes can be saved and shared, either to your SharePoint location, by email or by transferring to a USB memory stick.

To find out more about how to integrate SMART Boards with SharePoint, call our team of experts today on 0118 336 0010. We’re waiting for your call.

Alternatively, for a fun introduction to SMART’s Freestorm visual collaboration solutions, have a look at the video below.

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