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How to replace a flipchart in the training room

The flipchart is a familiar sight in any training room. For decades, trainers have relied on the flipchart as their main way of communicating ideas to delegates. Whether you’re running a brainstorm session or taking notes on a discussion, the flipchart is a simple, easy way to record contributions. It’s inexpensive to purchase, easy to transport and requires no training to use. So why would you ever want to use anything else? In this article we’ll look at how to replace a flipchart in the training room – and why you should do so.

How to replace a flipchart in the training roomThe reason is that for every pro of using a flipchart, there’s a con. For example, while a flipchart is easy to read in a small room, it becomes almost impossible to decipher in a large conference situation. You’re limited by the size of the page, and while you can rip pages off and stick them on the wall, managing more than a few sheets becomes difficult. And how do you share the information on the flipchart after the meeting? Sure, you could ask delegates to take photos or you could employ someone to type up the notes, but there has to be a better solution, surely?

The solution is to replace a flipchart in the training room with a SMART Board. These interactive white boards are the flipcharts of the 21st century, but as well as giving you all the features of a flipchart they have many more benefits. For example, with a SMART Board you never run out of space because the board’s active working area expands to fit your content – and everything you write, draw or display on the screen is automatically recorded so you can easily share the entire training session with your delegates.

Better still, a SMART Board is much more flexible than a flipchart because you are not limited by the type of content you can display on it. Want to open up a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet? No problem – simply open up any application on your computer and it will be displayed on the board – and you and your delegates can write and highlight directly on the screen. Need to show a video or website? Again, no problem – you can open up websites, pull in internet-hosted videos or even connect a DVD player to your computer to show content directly on the board.

Furthermore, using a flipchart requires everyone to be in the same room but by using a SMART Board you can deliver training beyond the classroom. You can invite people to join the session from home, using their computer, laptop or iPad, and they can be just as involved as delegates in the room. Location need no longer hold you back – whether you deliver training to individuals or companies, using interactive white boards instead of flipcharts opens up a realm of possibilities for delivering remote training.

OK, so investing in SMART Boards will require a financial outlay and you may require some basic training yourself to fully understand all the features, but you’ll soon be delivering better, more dynamic training both locally and remotely – and receiving a great return on your investment.

If you would like to find out more about how to replace a flipchart in the training room, call us today on 0118 336 0010 for a free demonstration of a SMART Board.

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