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How to use SMART Boards in software development

Often the best software development teams comprise designers, coders and testers from around the world. However, that brings its own problems, such as increased travel costs, difficulties in communication and even delays on product launches. The alternative is to use technology to facilitate effective remote communication. SMART Boards let you view and manipulate a range of materials both in the room and remotely and allow all participants to control the content and contribute to the conversation. If you’re wondering how to use SMART Boards in software development, here are five suggestions.

How to use SMART Boards in software development

How to use SMART Boards in software development

Storyboarding and design
Whether you use Visio or a proprietary tool for storyboarding, you can view it and make annotations on your SMART Board. Basically, anything you can display on your computer can be opened and used on the SMART Board, with the display being available to remote users via another SMART device or their desktop, laptop or iPad. You can open existing files, images and videos, capture the screen, write over it and save all your annotations in one place.

Project Management
If you use iObeya for your project management it integrates with the SMART software so you can organise your notes, deadlines and schedules directly on the SMART Board and, of course, let any other user take control, remotely or locally. Managing your projects electronically means you never run out of wall space and there’s no risk that notes and key information can go missing.

Remote reviewingView and annotate your coding
Because you can display anything on your SMART Board you can access on a computer, you can open and examine your coding on the SMART Board and share it with your team, wherever they are located, via the remote sharing facility. You can even write over your coding – for example, to show changes – and the notes will be saved within the file for easy reference.

The beauty of using SMART Boards in software development is it removes the need for getting everyone together in one place for review meetings. As we’ve already mentioned, you can invite people to the meeting via their computer or iPad, so you can get the team together more regularly at no extra cost. You could even invite the client to a remote viewing of their product, so saving time and expense on travel.

Keep a progress log
You can record every session on your SMART Board, saving all the information, displays, coding and notes in one file. You can re-open the file and add to it at any time, and you can even save it as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF file for easy distribution via email.

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