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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Improve And Maintain The Effectiveness of Your Corporate Training

in-house-trainingThe service your company provides is only as good as the training you give to your employees. It is essential therefore that you have an effective training strategy and use the best tools available such as interactive whiteboards that can capture and share information.

For training purposes, there are essentially three key capabilities that SMART boards give you:

  • In room delivery
  • Multipurpose screen with one point focus
  • Collaboration

Improving onsite training

When training your staff, the delivery of information is vital. New starters to a job have a lot of information to take onboard and it is easy for them to feel under pressure – in which case they will not perform to levels they are potentially capable of. Interactive whiteboards have various key functions that engage trainees to help them retain content and concepts or access information any time they need to.

By feeding your content through a PC you can control the order of the content with the touch of a button, but interactive software allows you to go one step further to interact with your delegates so that they can be directly involved in the presentation. By making training session more personal in this way, trainees are more alert, enjoy the training program and remember more information once they return to operations.

Of course, employees cannot be expected to remember everything they are told in any number of training sessions, but providing they have quick and easy access to the relevant information they will be more inclined to engage in post revision and look up information they can´t recall. Because you can capture information on PowerPoint, PDF or Image Files, you can save your training sessions and share it with delegates.

Multi-purpose screen with one point focus

The key advantage to a multipurpose screen with one point focus is that you can share everything regardless of what environment you are in. This software goes beyond in-house training programs and works the same for webinars, video conference meetings and e-learning platforms.

It is particularly useful in training sessions however, as each training session is unique given the response and interaction of the delegates will be different. But because the SMART board software allows you to save and share everything, the same pattern during the learning process can be recalled exactly as it unfolded in the classroom – thus the concept is more easily remembered. Think of it as leaving breadcrumbs to find your way out of the woods.

Two-way collaboration

You can´t have an interactive training session if there is no two-way collaboration, and although you could invite delegates to write on a whiteboard, you can´t save the exercise using this method. SMART software allows you to hook the main PC with those of your delegates and engage in two-way collaboration electronically. This also takes the pressure of the trainee as you can interact with them in private rather than in front of the entire delegation.

SMART boards and other interactive software has many useful function in the corporate environment, but one of the most effective uses is to improve and maintain your in-house training.


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