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Integrating Storyboard Software With SMART Boards

How software developers can collaborate with a SMART Board

Storyboards are an excellent method for designers to implement a series of sketches and pictures to demonstrate solution and end results of a product.  By using storyboards software developer and a range ofdesigners can effectively refine and validate concepts before writing comprehensive specifications, and because of the interactive capabilities of Smart whiteboards, teams of designers can centre graphs and charts together with visuals in just about every type of product design.

Storyboards are most commonly used in software development, project planning, advertising campaigns, proposals, film making and commercials, but can also used in settings where presentations are needed to compel or convince an audience to take action. If you are a sales rep for example, you will use storyboards in some form to present products and can define your pitch in a structured format that has a beginning, middle and an end.

The accounting industry uses storyboards in Activity Based Costing Systems to organize process flowcharts. This type of storyboard often shows activities and the relationships among those activities.  Storyboards aid in creating new systems that improve accounting performance.

Interactive SMART Boards

SMART Board is a trademarked brand referred to as an Interactive White Board or IWB. When used with a computer and video display the surface of the interactive board becomes touch sensitive.  SMART Boards are designed to be compatible with Windows and Mac computers and there are many tools that can be utilized to create presentations.

SMART Boards are highly interactive and allow presenters and their audience to draw, collaborate and interact with the information presented on the board.  In business settings Interactive White Boards give teams the opportunity to share work sessions in a digital format, save the presentations and reuse the information therein. Whatever information you draw on a SMART Board is saved as an image in computer files and can be recalled for later use.

StoryBoard software and SMART Boards

With a SMART Board tool bars and buttons appear on a large computer monitor. Create shapes and move them into position using a special pen designed for the SMART Board or even your finger to draw, move and select shapes. Options are activated with a stylus pen or your finger, and if you need you can switch to freehand mode which gives you the ability to add notes. These notes and the accompanying diagrams and charts are saved in designated files for later use.  The audience can also  join in without the need for a mouse.

Take SMART Boards add storyboarding software and you have a tool that can interactively create flowcharts, storyboards for presentation and diagrammatic programs. Using Microsoft Visio, similar to ink aware applications, SMART Board technology can distinguish between areas on the buttons and the toolbars. Button actions are implemented quickly and the presenter is able to write and move objects in the work area.

When the presenter integrates SMART Boards with storyboarding software the audience becomes a part of the action. Productivity, creatively and team work plus the ability to brainstorm using direct visuals and hands on technology is now a part of the design process.

For more information about SMART Boards and how you can take advantage of this technology, please call the Smarter Interactive team today on 0118 336 0010.


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