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Integrating storyboarding software with SMART Boards

Microsoft Visio is used widely by a number of industries for creating flowcharts, diagrammatic programs and storyboards for software programmes and other products. While it is at heart a desktop programme, using software like Visio with your SMART Board has a number of benefits and is straightforward and simple to do. Here’s a quick insight into integrating storyboarding software with SMART Boards.

Integrating storyboarding software with SMART BoardsThrough a collaboration between Microsoft and SMART, Visio is an “Ink Aware” application. This means that SMART Board software can automatically distinguish between the active areas of the application and any buttons or toolbars. The result is that any button actions are achieved straight away, while you still have the freedom to draw, write and manipulate objects in the active work area.

When working with Visio this means all the buttons and features of the application work on your SMART Board in exactly the same way they work on a computer monitor. However, you have more freedom in the way you use them. Creating shapes and manipulating them into position using a mouse can be cumbersome, but on a SMART Board you can use either the special pen or your finger to select shapes, draw objects or move them around the work area. You select options or activate button choices with your finger or the pen, and you can also instantly switch to freehand mode so you can add notes and diagrams, which are saved within the application. People often find drawing with a pen or finger much easier than using a mouse, so the software becomes more effective to use, which encourages more people to join in.

Some of the other benefits of integrating storyboarding software with SMART Boards are:

Integrating storyboarding software with SMART BoardsThe ability to share and collaborate with other people, both locally and remotely

Option to add notes, highlight features and save everything within one easy-to-distribute file

Large screen means you can include more detail or create more complex schematics

Unlimited workspace – you simply scroll to access more screen space

Instant access to any other content you want to view, such as images, websites, videos and other documents

Integrating storyboarding software with SMART Boards gives you a much better user experience and increases both productivity and creativity.

To find out more about how your could benefit from using SMART Boards in your business, give us a call today on 0118 336 0010.

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