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Interactive LED Screens Add Dynamic To The Classroom


Time to catch up

It’s no surprise British pupils are falling behind when an alarming number of classrooms rely on dated technology. Your students are surrounded by smartphones, tablets and a range of latest devices. Many use them on a daily basis. So the teacher in front of a whiteboard or projector method is no way to engage young minds.

With interactive LED screens, the first thing your pupils will notice is the HD display. No need to dim the lights or worry about bad views. Your lesson content is crystal clear from any angle, in any room. While the first thing you will notice is how effortless interactive LED screens are to use. Once installed, there’s no maintenance or setup required. So you and your class can focus on the lesson.

Your pupils are up to date with technology. It’s time for classrooms to catch up.

Interactive learning

With interactive LED screens your classroom is equipped with technology students relate to. Now it’s time to use it and engage your class to create a more dynamic learning environment. The keyword is “interactive”. By getting pupils out of their seats and involved in the class, interactive LED screens make participation a part of the learning process.

Engaging students is one of the toughest tasks teachers face. While for pupils, information overload makes it more difficult to retain lesson material. Interactive LED screens help on both counts by physically engaging pupils with touchscreen technology. Break your material into a variety of formats like slides, video and interactive content, and your lesson will become more engaging and easier to digest.


It doesn’t have to end with interactive LED screens. Thanks to HDMI connectivity, you can combine interactive LED screens with other technologies, like iPads for collaborative group work. Since 2010, top-ranked nations in education like China, Singapore, South Korea and Japan have all initiated government programs to introduce collaborative technology into schools.

By connecting interactive LED screens to individual devices, students can engage in group work that encourages participation and creativity. Working in groups with collaborative technology encompasses a range of vital skills that pupils need to develop from a young age. By forming working relationships with other students, exchanging constructive criticism and working towards group goals, pupils get an early start in developing essential skills for later life.

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