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James Henrey, CEO

Isn’t It Time You Replaced Your Old Teaching Methods With New Technology?

old wayEducations systems across the globe are recognizing that teaching methods need to be adapted to appeal to children of the digital age. Interactive whiteboards are already becoming commonplace in classrooms and as education authorities develop new teaching architecture and introduce new curricula there is a growing need for teachers to adapt traditional teaching methods and integrate them with new technology.

Studies have found that students respond better to visual images and perform better when they are actively in involved in the learning process. Gone are the days when lectures and overhead projectors can be classed as effective teaching. As passive parties in a classroom structure, the majority of students are not able to take on-board the information and make effective notes they can refer to at a later date.

The use of interactive whiteboards means that children do not have to pay attention and process your words into their own thought in order to make notes; they can visually see illustration on screen which allows a child´s brain to process and understand quicker and with much more clarity than words alone.

You can also transfer the data from the whiteboard to multiple devices such as a tablet, another device that is becoming increasingly popular in classrooms and with school children. The devices allow students to interact with one another, make notes, add data and save it all to the hard drive or temporary file.

smart-600-seriesUsing old methods in a new way

Interactive whiteboards and tablets enable users to access the internet where you will find a wealth of information at the click of a button. By using different media you can entirely change the dynamic of your lessons and ultimately the learning experience.

For example, Google maps can take you anywhere in the world and being visibly able to see a place such as a city or battle site provokes the imagination of children. Likewise, when referring to a famous speech by a historical figure, you will be able to locate images to accompany the speech or even pull it up in its entirety on websites such as YouTube.

The difficulty, particularly older generations (no disrespect intended), coming to terms with the new technology finding its way into classrooms can be somewhat daunting. Even newly graduated teachers in their first teaching jobs confronting the technology for the first time can be a little apprehensive. But what SMART do so well is they make the products so easy to use teachers become confident with the whiteboards very quickly.

Using the touch-screens is very much like using a tablet or smartphone. Most people these days are accustomed to motion gestures to give instructions. There is also advice about the capabilities of the technology together within online forums where users share their tips and ideas with the community.

Smart Interactive also provide training sessions to set  you on your way and the more you use the whiteboards and experiment with the software the more effective and engaging your teaching techniques will become – and the better your students will perform!

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