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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Multi-Touch Technology Transforms Business Meetings

Multi-Touch screen technology is being used for more than handheld smartphones and tablets in today´s world. Now you can transform business meetings, lectures, school lessons into something new and exciting with advanced ways of interactive communication. The powerful software is specifically designed to engage audiences and directly involve them so that everyone involved can explore different possibilities. You may think interactive multi-touch screens is technology for the future and you would not be wrong thinking that – but the good news is the future is now!

There are several tools that you can use with multi-touch functionality, but all are fitted with full 1080p resolution to give bright, crisp images that make an impact. Because the technology works with your exiting internet connection you also have access to a wealth of images to choose from online multimedia content so whatever the message is that you want to get across you will not have any problems finding the relevant images for you.

Multi-Touch Screens

Smart display technology provides touch-screen computing using simple hand gestures to move objects, resize, reshape add and take away and much more. Using the latest interactive projectors you can custom configure the settings you need and set the size of the windows to work with the space you have.

Multi-touch screens are great for conducting multimedia presentations using motion control software that instantly detects the position of your hand and reacts to touches, pinches, taps and swipes. Floating image projection enable you to organise your content into any arrangement you feel best gets your message across – either leaving them on screen as a constant reminder or moving them out of the way to make space for the next slide or image.

Multi-Touch Interactive tables

Multi-touch interactive tables are the latest in touch-screen technology that allows multiple users to contribute to meetings, brainstorming sessions, investigations or classes. Fitted with motion sensors in a floating panel the huge surface has a multi-touch interface that enables participants to exchange content in a highly visual and dynamic way.

The intuitive hand tracking system allow you to control multimedia content in ways you could never imagine and transform an ordinary table surface into a computing platform that can be operated by multiple users. Images can be manipulated to virtually any shape and size and updated easily. A save option is also available so you can trace back the evolution of projects, ideas and meeting notes.

Turnkey multi-touch display screens

The possibilities that multi-touch screen displays offer you is limitless and because of their interactive nature make meetings more interesting, productive and creative than ever before. If you feel like you waste a lot of time in business meetings, listening to lectures you immediately forget and fingering through minutes of meetings looking for a particular point, you should seriously consider investing in a multi-touch display screen or multi-point table.

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