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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Needless Reasons Why Businesses Miss Out On Video Conferencing

Video conferencingTechnology moves fast. But people’s opinion can be a trickier thing to change. While technology gets better, cheaper and more accessible, some false assumptions linger on. The benefits of video conferencing are well documented. And like most technology solutions, it gets better and more affordable each year.

If video conferencing isn’t for you, fine. But it’s a shame to miss out on a system that could transform your business based on false assumptions. So let’s clear up some classic myths on video conferencing.

It’s too expensive

As with most technologies, video conferencing is becoming a more affordable investment. The key word here is “investment”. You’re not paying for a flash way to talk to new clients or investors. Much more than that. You’re investing in a solution that will help your business run more effectively and save costs in other areas.

Video conferencing gives you a powerful meeting solution with global connectivity. Without the travel time and cost or expense of various meeting venues. You open your business to more effective remote working with better connectivity – for a more flexible business.

With managed service options now available any company can deploy a comprehensive video conferencing solution for as little as a few mobile phone contracts.

It’s too complicated

Another common myth is that video conferencing is hard to use or complicated to install. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Video conferencing is designed to be simple enough for even technophobes to set up and use.

All it takes is an email invitation and you can connect to almost any device, anywhere in the world. The whole purpose of video conferencing is that it offers an easier option to many of the common problems businesses face. You can connect to multiple branches, brief remote staff and pitch to international investors with a single mouse click. You can also use a range of devices including PC’s, Mac’s, iOS devices and Android to provide maximum flexibility and ease of connection.

Web and free video calls will do

Speaking of overseas investment. Let’s imagine your pitch to clinch the deal and that next big step for your business. Your presentation is flawless and you can feel the contract in your grasp. But all they get at the other end is poor picture quality and patchy audio.

Free video calling software is great for catching up with the family at Christmas. Not so much for business meetings. Those awkward pauses where everyone interrupts each other – that’s lag caused by heavy demands on your internet connection. Which results in poor quality and even worse impressions in the business field.

Our most popular managed service option uses a privately run global network providing consistent call quality combined with maximum security – a true business quality solution.

Quality requires a better Internet connection

Quality video conferencing runs perfectly on your typical connection. There’s nothing to stop you running Full HD video calls to the other side of the planet without an upgrade to your internet service. That’s the difference between quality and free video conferencing.

Picture quality can be affected by some factors, like the amount of users you have at any one time. But the idea that business class video calls need a better connection simply isn’t true. Again, video conferencing is designed to run smoothly on your typical bandwidth to give you lifelike business meetings with all the face to face impact of being in the same room. Our managed service gives you access to a global, private MPLS network ensuring great HD call quality from anywhere in the world.

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