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New from SMART: the SMART Table® 422i

One of the most exciting products for education launched at the BETT 2013 exhibition in London back in January was the SMART Table® 442i. This is a collaborative learning centre aimed squarely at pre-schoolers and it combines learning and play with technology to create an exciting educational experience.

The SMART Table has been around for a while now but the solid construction of the base meant it wasn’t practical for wheelchair users or children with limited motor skills to use comfortably. The new SMART Table® 422i  solves this problem with a new sturdy pedestal base, which takes up to 90kg / 200lb in weight and is difficult to tip over, even with the most enthusiastic users.

The SMART Table® 422i  has a massive 42” high definition display which is both scratch- and spill-resistant, making it ideal for the pre-school or nursery environment. The Table’s innovative display has a multi-touch surface, meaning up to eight children can use it at once, and it recognises intuitive gestures such as zoom, pinch, rotate and toss. This opens up the opportunity for many activities including small group collaboration, problem-solving and group or individual discussions, and the Table display can be drawn, painted and written on at the touch of a finger. It can also be synced with a SMART Board or other SMART products, expanding the possibilities for whole group learning.

Built-in wifi means teachers can instantly access the SMART Exchange, where over 1,500 ready-made activity packs can be downloaded, covering every area of the curriculum. The Table can also be connected to your school’s network, enabling access to existing material, and further lesson content can be built and customised using the SMART Table Toolkit. SMART Notebook is also included, giving you the option of using your own lesson plans, documents and material alongside the SMART content.

SMART has always been at the forefront of new technology for education and the new SMART Table® 422i  expands on this, opening up more opportunities for children of all abilities to learn, play and collaborate.

The SMART Table® 422i retails for £5,299. For more information or to arrange a demonstration call us today on 0118 336 0010.

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