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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
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New Research Shows You How To Get The Most From Collaborative Investment

Using SMART Boards for global collaboration in manufcturing

New research by SMART Technology gives us fresh insight into how businesses make collaboration work. The report includes a range of data on where businesses get it right and where they could improve. Which makes it a great resource to get some pointers and avoid the most common mistakes.

The report links successful collaboration strategies to what it calls “collaboration maturity”. Organisation that score higher maturity rankings are found to get more from collaborative tech. According to the findings, 90% of companies with high levels of maturity report better success than was expected – and a better return than other types of technology investment.

So to get the most from your collaborative investment you need to know more about this maturity ranking and how to score higher.

Use maturity ranking to better your business

Let’s start by clearing up the term maturity. SMART uses maturity to describe the technology in your collaboration strategy and how you use it. Your tech is ranked by its effectiveness as a collaboration system. And its usage is graded by how many best practices you meet.

The more effective your collaborative tech and the more usage best practices you meet, the higher your maturity ranking. For more info on collaboration best practices you can see our previous post

Technology and use combined

SMART finds that businesses at the highest levels of maturity are up to five times more likely to improve productivity through collaboration. The process start with choosing the right technology for your business needs.

You should start with an audit of your business to determine exactly what your organisation needs form collaboration. Then you need to set your goals and choose the right tech to meet your targets. A full collaboration system will include a range of technology and environments for different types of collaborative work.

Once your system is in place it’s time to think about best practices. With the right set-up for your business the only thing left is to use it effectively to get the most from collaboration. SMART ranks the highest scoring companies as “collaborative and optimised”.

The fully collaborative and optimised business

To get the most from your collaborative investment you need to implement a fully collaborative system into four environments. Formal, informal, structured and dispersed environments use a range of in-house and networking technology to connect workforces.

On-site staff can make use of informal, formal and structured environments to get more from collaboration. Group sessions, meetings, presentations become more effective and flexible for different settings. Casual staff sessions and important meetings require different approaches. A variety of environments means your business is fully optimised for different settings.

Implement a fully collaborative and optimised strategy and SMART findings show you will improve productivity and increase innovation. Not only that, but boost informed decision making and more effective risk reduction.

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