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Redefining Classrooms And Other Teaching Space With Interactive Technology

School Hall Solutions

In a perfect world, schools would have endless funds to give your kids the best education available. Sadly, that’s not the case and educational institutions have to become more resourceful every year. Budget cuts make it harder for UK schools to keep up with international competition.

Technology in schools is one solution – and a topic refusing to go away. Numerous studies show pupils get better results from engaging lessons with the help of interactive technology. And classrooms are becoming more connected thanks to cloud software and Wi-Fi.

Smarter technology creates a more powerful learning environment – but it also brings new flexibility to teaching spaces. Which allows schools to get more creative with using classrooms and other areas. Libraries becomes interactive book clubs and assembly halls turn to gig venues. Better yet, see what ideas your pupils come up with for rethinking how to use school space.

SMART Board floor stand

SMART Boards bring a host of interactive features to the classroom. And with mobile floor stands you’re not limited to lesson time or single rooms. You can turn any classroom into an interactive revision session or put a more engaging edge to afterschool activities.

Height-adjustable floor stands turn SMART Boards from presentation displays to interactive multi-touchscreens. Kids of all sizes can engage with content, scribble notes in digital ink and collaborate on group work with multi-touch. So every year, schools can take advantage of the interactive device, whichever room you use it in.

School halls

Halls vary from school to school – each with its own audio characteristics. Size shape and layout all factor in the acoustic effect. Even down to the age and material construct of the building. With a custom AV system you know your audience catches every word and sees every visual element of assemblies, shows and presentations.

The perfect system for your hall depends on a few key points. Aside from the construct of the building itself, how the hall is used determines what you need from an AV system. Live music comes with a lot of instruments. Plays need microphones and projectors for large audiences. A custom AV system means everyone can see and hear events the way you intend it.


SMART Tables are the ultimate introduction to interactive tech for pre-schoolers. These sturdy devices are built to last with a scratch and spill resistant exterior. But the real magic happens inside, with a multi-touch surface that lets kids team up to get their creative juices flowing. Teamwork is the aim with eight preinstalled games, including Multiple Choice, Puzzle Paint and Addition Plus.

With the use of interactive technology encourages kids to learn as part of a team, solve problems together, improve their social skill and share in each other’s success. Collaboration starts at a young age with the SMART Table and the compact unit gives you the freedom to move it from room to room and make better use of unused space in school.

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