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Review of C Touch Ledurra Interactive LED

ctouchC Touch Ledurra Interactive LED screens are manufactured in Holland and distributed across Europe. They manufacture interactive large format LED screens available in 47”, 55”, 65”, 70” and 84” diagonal screen sizes. In the UK the 55” and 65” screen sizes account for approx 80-90% of their total sales and most of these are being sold into education to replace existing interactive whiteboards and projectors. We reviewed the 65” screen on a height adjustable floor stand.

Look and Feel

When you first look at the C Touch screen you are reminded of an iPad. The bezel is black with rounded corners, all that is missing is a giant home button! The screen looks very well built with integrated connectivity and a professional industrial feel. All products use commercial LED screens giving an estimated life of 50,000 hours. All products have an anti glare surface ensuring you do not get glare from your audience and creating a smooth surface for touch and writing. As well as the screen looking aesthetically pleasing there is a 2cm black border between the image and the touch features all around the screen. This helps access Windows 7 or 8 gesture functions that require a swipe from off the screen surface.

The image is crystal clear high definition 1920 x 1080 and shadow free due to the image being generated by the LED panel rather than a projector. Currently, the touch is created by optical technology (cameras) and the touch experience is smooth, accurate and fast. C Touch say there is a 6 point and possibly a 10 touch option coming out before the end of 2013 which we will review once they are released.

In our opinion, this is the nicest looking interactive screen we have seen so far.


The main software for the C Touch is C Tools Plus available for Windows and Mac. The software has a clean, professional look and has a majority of the “standard” whiteboard tools you expect from other interactive whiteboard software packages. Currently the software is only single touch which is a shame because the screen is 4 point touch. If you want to capture images from other programs into C Tools Plus you get a floating toolbar allowing you to continue to use functions of C Tools Plus over other programs. You can insert images, shapes, videos, audio clips and maps to create interactive lesson plans.

The feature we really liked was the Google image search directly from C Tools Plus. The free content and images that comes with the software is not very extensive, but who cares when you can do a Google image search directly from the C Tools Plus software and just double click to insert the image straight into your whiteboard!

Overall results

The C Touch screen is one of the best interactive LED screens on the market with sleek, professional and well manufactured hardware combined with professional feature rich software. If you are looking to replace your existing interactive whiteboards and projector this is a good long term investment. For a small amount extra you can get a 5 year onsite warranty to protect your investment which we recommend and demonstrates the manufacturers confidence in their own product.

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