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Review of the 800 series SMART boards

SMART has broken new boundaries with its 800 series of SMART boards. SMART’s interactive white boards, which are becoming as common a sight in the board room as the classroom, have always offered advanced features such as the ability to highlight and annotate anything on the display. However, the new 800 series boards have much more functionality and even allow two people to use the board independently and simultaneously. This review looks at some of the new features and how they will benefit users.

The main advantage the 800 series boards have over earlier SMART boards is the new technology they use. DViT (Digital Vision Touch) uses software and a series of tiny cameras located around the board to determine movement. It means that the 800 series SMART boards are much firmer to the touch and as a result more durable and hard wearing. The density of the screen also means the picture is crystal clear, which is especially vital if you also use your SMART board for video conferencing. The earlier boards, which used resistance to translate pen/hand movements into activity, were slightly spongy and easier to damage, and the picture could be a bit “woolly”.

The DViT technology also brings with it other advanced features. Because the activity shown on the display is determined by cameras and software rather than touch, up to four people can use the board simultaneously to do different things. This means, for example, that one person can be controlling objects by moving them around the screen while another writes notes at the same time. This opens up lots more opportunities for dynamic and interactive activities, from brainstorming and training to collaboration on schedules and budgets.

Another great feature of the 800 series SMART boards is the pen function. Older boards came with four pens which were programmed to display different colours – red, blue and black, for example. This was fine, and gave users lots of functionality, but it could be annoying having to switch pens all the time. The 800 series boards come with two pens and you can change the colours quickly and easily via buttons on the board. You can also use your finger to write and control objects and launch programmes, and your palm becomes an eraser. There’s also an onscreen keyboard. Whether you’re using hand or pen control, the 800 series SMART board will automatically detect what you’re using and know how to respond.

Finally, the 800 series SMART boards have more new features that give you more control over objects on the screen. You can use “gestures” to flip objects, drag them round the display area and rotate them, and you can also zoom in to see things in greater detail. And if you use either Windows 7 with multitouch enabled or Mac Snow Leopard, you can use the gestures they support too.

In our opinion the 800 series SMART boards are quite simply the best interactive white boards on the market. The new features, coupled with DViT technology, combine to create a tough, hard wearing board which is incredibly easy to use and delivers dynamic interactivity and unrivalled collaboration opportunities. If you would like a free demonstration of an 800 series SMART board, give us a call on 0118 336 0010 or fill in the form on the right to arrange yours today.

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