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Our speed of communication has improved dramatically and I can ensure important messages are displayed across both buildings on the site almost instantaneously. It means that we can have our briefings by data conferencing, which adds to the flow of inteligence.
James Henrey, CEO

Review of the SMART 8000 series interactive flat panels

SMART recently introduced two new products to their range of interactive whiteboards – the 8055i and 8070i interactive flat panel. These high quality products have many exciting features that make them suitable for both business and education settings. In this quick review of the SMART 8000 series interactive flat panels we’ll look at some of the features that make them an essential purchase for anyone wanting to collaborate and work more intuitively.

High quality display
The new interactive flat panels come in two sizes – 55” and 70” – and both consist of a hardened glass display and SMART’s unique DViT technology. This means the boards are hard-wearing and the touchscreen ability is accurate and precise. The panels are shadow-free, eliminating many of the problems inherent in rooms where lighting might affect the display. They also display content in 1080p high definition, making them flexible for displaying a wide range of content including images and video.

Intuitive controls
With the new flat panels there is no need to switch modes for multi-user touch – two people can start using the board straight away. The boards both recognise Windows 7 gestures, allowing you to pan and zoom, flip through pages, and rotate and toss objects around the board. The intuitive controls also enable you to write with your finger, erase with your hand or move objects around the screen without having to change modes.

Full SMART integration
Both SMART 8000 series interactive flat panels integrate fully with products like SMART Meeting (for business use), SMART Notebook (educational use) and Bridgit (remote access from a variety of devices), and you can also use a huge number of third party programs on them, including SharePoint, iObeya, AUTOCad and WebEx.

Accessible accessories
All the accessories and tools you’ll need to get the most out of the SMART Boards, including pens, eraser and ink controls, are conveniently located at the front of the panel.

Presence detection
The 8055i has an added benefit – presence detection means the board can automatically detect when people are about to use it, so it can instantly switch on and off as and when required. Not only does this lengthen the lifespan of the board considerably but it also has great benefits for electricity consumption and your carbon footprint, making it a sensible purchase for any organisation.

To find out more about the SMART 8000 series interactive flat panels or any of the SMART products call us today on 0118 336 0010 and ask to speak to one of our experts.

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